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Calm, Cool, Collected  Carolyne and Laura

The New York home of this international couple reflects their individual and collective style. In the same way, their unique pieces create a balance when considered as one.

Home can mean a lot of things. Maybe because home is a very powerful concept that can describe a person, a thing or a place. The only requirement is that, as soon as you encounter it, it greets you with the warm embrace of familiarity and comfort. Carolyne and Laura, two creatives living in New York City, consider home to be exactly this type of space. More than that, though, they think of their Manhattan home as a place that should instil others with those same sentiments. It is a place where both they and their loved ones can unwind and feel inspired. “You should be able to grow, even within the comfort of home,” says Carolyne. Realizing these qualities in their home also transforms it into a viable creative space. When working on projects from home, being surrounded by inspiring, beautiful objects is important to her process. For her, there is a clear link between her work in fashion and interior design.

“Clothing is how you present yourself, and interiors are the same. When you build your home you build your identity.”


Building a Home

The identity of Carolyne and Laura’s apartment is a dynamic one where two different people come together in harmony. “When you live with someone else you bring together two distinct tastes, but you work to combine them into a home you both loves coming back to.” The white walls of the space are left mostly untouched; a smattering of framed artworks sit on the floor, leaning against the wall. The bookcase teems with all types of works, from artist books to novels, and extends almost to the ceiling of their living space. Each chair, lamp or book carries characteristics of each of the women and their life together.

A Collectors Mindset

Between the two, Carolyne and Laura have lived in many places all over the world, and home was never attached to any physical place; it was always wherever they were. But as they grow, having a place to keep their favorite objects means more. “It could be anywhere, but it’s actually the things that are in the home that make it for us.” Their chair collection exemplifies this sentiment and expresses the women’s meaningful ties to Scandinavia. Although the pair “randomly” picks pieces, the chairs still speak to their lives and experiences. “We have some Alvar Aalto, maybe because my grandma is Finnish, and some Danish classics because of the time I spent living in Copenhagen.”

Music Is the Heartbeat of a Home

Carolyne and Laura use their home as a gathering place for a cozy evening in. Especially in New York, they feel there is something special about having friends in your home. On a Saturday evening when most would go out, the pair welcomes people in. Music as an experience in itself. It´s nice to be able to choose your own music, invite a handful of friends and talk about all kinds of ideas and what you’ve experienced that week.” Music is the heartbeat of an evening like this. It sets the tempo for a gathering. And each one is different. They think of music as another presence within their space; a powerful element that can be an experience in itself. “You can almost have conversations with the music, just the way you play it and what genre you’re listening to.” On their nights in, music orchestrates the setting in a way that no other element can and perpetually gives new life to their home as groups gather to socialize.