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Global ambassador Lay Zhang presents the new Beoplay EX earphones


An ear for innovation

Our Global Brand Ambassador, Lay Zhang, combines influences to help us deliver a new, exciting vision of what music can be…

Meet Lay Zhang

Singer, songwriter, producer, director, dancer, actor and ambassador for Chinese youth, Lay describes his multilingual, genre-defying music as ‘M-pop’ (‘M’ for Mandarin). A teenage finalist on Chinese talent show Star Academy in 2005.His groundbreaking albums combine traditional Chinese instrumentation with Western production techniques.

Sounds better together

‘Bang & Olufsen has always been committed to creating world-class sound experiences,’ says Lay. This dedication to audio innovation, leaving no stone unturned in the search for innovation, is something he embodies in his own work. ‘Our common value, as I understand, is to focus on music and to be the best in (our) different fields.’ Lay understands that creating those moments of magic doesn’t happen overnight – which is why our collaboration with him is an ideal match.

  • Global Ambassador Lay Zhang wearing Beoplay EX dancing
  • Chinese singer Lay Zhang dancing wearing Beoplay EX earphones

Listening just got better

For Lay, music is ever-present: sound surrounds him, whether he is composing new songs or listening to those that inspire him. The Beoplay EX fits his lifestyle perfectly – and not just because the new ergonomic design means it’s so snug, you don’t notice it’s there. Intuitive, easy-to-use and with superior performance, it’s simply better. Wherever you are, these ultra-compact earbuds deliver a soul-stirring sound experience that makes you want to rediscover your favourite music – and hear it in a new light.

Image of Beoplay EX in Black Anthracite with charging case

Beoplay EX

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Black Anthracite


A life in sound

Lay is dedicated to representing Chinese culture for a global audience. This means integrating the traditional with the modern, fusing Eastern and Western styles. ‘I think we need to inherit the tradition as it provides a ground for us to add our own characteristics and bring forth new ideas,’ he says. This is no mean feat when you consider Chinese and Western music use different scales.

Lay Zhang wearing Beoplay EX on an orange background

‘Music knows no borders. There may be language barriers, but our understanding of sound, musical instruments or beauty is universal.’

Lay Zhang


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