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Stereo pairing

Add more detail, depth and scale to your sound. With Stereo Pairing, you can wirelessly connect two of the same speakers together to be more fully immersed in the music. A new dimension of music is now only a click away. Hear it all – just as the artist intended.

  • Zoom of Beosound Balance
  • Beosound Balance in stereo in a dining room
  • Beosound Level hanged on the wall in stereo
  • Beosound Level detail of the wood panel
More detail
More depth
More scale
Two Beosound Level in Oak on a shelf

Double up your sound experience

Our intelligent wireless technology constantly monitors your signal to ensure you always have a solid connection – no dropouts, no interruptions. And with superior audio quality that enhances every bass note and cymbal crash, it will sound better than ever. Your favourite music, now twice as good.

Three simple steps

  • Download the Bang & Olufsen app

    1) Download the Bang & Olufsen app

  • Set up your speakers

    2) Set up your speakers and follow the steps to pair them

  • how to stereo pair

    3) Listen to what you love the way you want it in striking stereo

Two beosound level in dark oak

Pair Beosound Level

Stereo sound shaped for your living spaces

Perfect for kitchens and living rooms, two stereo paired Beosound Level speakers will add more power and depth to your listening experience. Designed to be placed on the wall, a table or shelf, these portable wi-fi speakers will fill rooms between 10 and 60 square metres.

A pair of Beosound Balance in black anthracite

Pair Beosound Balance

Immersed yourself in powerful stereo sound

Ideal for living rooms and larger spaces, Beosound Balance is an elegant and dynamic speaker. Stereo pair two for more powerful bass and a greater, room-filling sound. Perfect for spaces between 10 and 90 square metres.

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