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Beolab 28Hi-res wireless stereo speakers

A slim, powerful pair of stereo loudspeakers. Designed to be placed anywhere, built to stream anything.

Beolab 28Light Oak
  • Natural Aluminium
  • Light Oak
    Outer Cover
    Light Oak
  • Grey fabric
    Inner Cover
  • Floor Standing
    Floor Stand

NOK 137,500

A delicate display of light oak opens up to reveal an internal grey cover, floating on a natural aluminium floor stand.

Stereo excellence. In tune with you.

Beolab 28 is slimmer, smarter and more surprising than any stereo speaker you've experienced before. Position it anywhere in the home, stream anything you want instantly, and be immersed in powerful studio-grade sound that automatically adapts to your space. All in a beautifully elegant form that can be controlled with a touch.

A pair of Beolab 28 speakers playing in stereo in a bright livingroom

Studio-grade sound
Active loudspeaker technology, evolved

All-in-one speakers expertly tuned to give you a studio-quality listening experience at home, with 1250 watts of pure power and a wide frequency range of 27Hz to 23KHz. Advancing on the active loudspeaker technology we pioneered in 1986, Beolab 28 takes the classic column design and built-in amplifier formula to new heights. Digital Sound Processing (DSP) controls every driver individually, delivering exceptional clarity and depth from a system designed to last.

A pair of Beolab 28 in your living room

Feel the low end
Powerful bass. Precision control.

A custom-designed, downward-facing woofer and ingenious driver arrangement combine to deliver immersive bass. Advanced Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL) technology precisely monitors output, reducing excessive peaks and ensuring optimal performance at all levels.

Advanced driver configuration
Sensitive, directional sound

Three custom-designed 3" drivers and tweeter, perfectly placed for exceptionally high sensitivity and directionality. An innovative 6.5" woofer fires downwards for a minimalistic profile and powerful bass. An all-in-one speaker that shines no matter where it sits.

Active Room Compensation
A flawless listening experience

Active Room Compensation acoustically optimises the low end based on the speaker's position and the room. This gives you the freedom to place the speakers anywhere you like – whether in a tight corner or up on the wall. The result: perfect playback, every time.

Precise sound across the room

Enjoy the full breadth of your music. Beolab 28 is designed to adjust the sound to match any moment, from private listening sessions to dinner parties.

Beolab 28 speaker adjusted for precision sound in its narrow mode

Narrow mode

Precision listening

Experience the true sweet spot, with ultra-precise music reproduction optimised for focused listening. Every note reaches your ears unaffected by reflections from walls or objects.

Beolab 28 speakers adjusted for rich, shared sound in wide mode

Wide mode

Rich, shared sound

A broader soundstage optimised to deliver full-impact audio to everyone in the room. This mode is ideal for dinner parties and movie nights.

Personalise your own Beolab 28

When it comes to finalising an aesthetic, every choice counts. So we want to give you the opportunity to be the one making the choices. Pick your favourite materials and colours to make Beolab 28 your own.

Beolab 28 speakers, customize materials and colours

Classic design redefined

Enhance any interior

A slender silhouette and 25 cm footprint, perfectly placed either on the floor or the wall. Beolab 28 is a familiar yet surprisingly compact presence. A symphony of anodised aluminium, handcrafted wood and premium fabrics in a variety of colours and finishes.

Enduring elegance

Engineered to last

Made using aluminium from our legendary Factory 5 in Denmark, Beolab 28 is designed to stand the test of time. Ready to accompany you into the future and accommodate tomorrow's technological advances, with an upgradeable connectivity module.

Instantly responsive

Intelligent interaction

Intelligent, proximity-activated user interface and responsive touch controls for instant immersion in music, podcasts or radio stations. Or control remotely with your phone or optional Beoremote Halo. Curate your experience with one-touch access to your favourites.

35 years of innovation

The culmination of 35 years of innovation, Beolab 28 advances the active loudspeaker archetype first introduced with the Beolab Penta. Beautifully designed, powerful, all-in-one sound – now with music streaming built-in.

Two Beolab 28 speakers and a Beoremote Halo control to play music in the dining room

Beoremote Halo

A remote control for accessing your music without having to use your mobile device. Integrated with touch screen display. Simple and intuitive.

NOK 8,000

  • Beolab 28 speaker
  • Beolab 28
  • Two Beolab 28 speakers paired to play music in the livingroom
  • Detail view of the top of Beolab 28 speaker

Find the right speaker for you

A pair of Beolab 28
Beolab 28From NOK 120,000
Beolab 18 in Light Oak
Beolab 18From NOK 68,500
A pair of Beolab 50s in natural oak
Beolab 50From NOK 370,000
Recommended Room Size

15-50 m² 150-500 ft²

10-40 m² 100-400 ft²

20-150 m² 200-1500 ft²

Bass Capability @1m

95 dB SPL

83 dB SPL

116 dB SPL

Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m

110 dB SPL

107 dB SPL

120 dB SPL

Integrated Streaming ServicesavailableNot AvailableNot Available
Active Room CompensationavailableNot Availableavailable

Reviews from the experts

"Bang & Olufsen’s Wireless Beolab 28 Loudspeakers Look as Otherworldly as They Sound. Stylish, well-connected and essentially future-proof, these speakers sound stellar."
"The 28s sound like no speaker we have ever had in this house. They sound like no speaker I have ever heard before."
"The Bang & Olufsen presentation sounds natural and unforced, with plenty of the finest details revealed. The sound is politely attacking, with more than enough low-end potency to make every tune a party tune."
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