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Beosound Level Stereo Set  Powerful sound, versatile speaker

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  • #c6a27e
  • #242528
  • Gold Tone - Light Oak

NOK 32,980

Flexible home audio designed to fit into your space. Hang on the wall or set on a table.

More detail
More depth
More scale
Two Beosound Level in Oak on a shelf

Get lost in the music

Convenience should never compromise quality. As you listen in stereo, intelligent algorithms constantly monitor the wireless signal and make subtle changes to always ensure a solid connection – no dropouts, no interruptions. And the music will sound better than ever, with lossless 24bits/48kHz audio quality that makes every bass note and cymbal crash that much more powerful.

Three simple steps

  • Download the Bang & Olufsen app

    1) Download the Bang & Olufsen app

  • Set up your speakers

    2) Set up your speakers and follow the steps to pair them

  • how to stereo pair

    3) Listen to what you love the way you want it in striking stereo

Beosound Level stereo cross sell

Stereo pair two

Beosound Level

Pair two Beosound Level together and experience your music with more detail, depth and scale than ever before. Setup takes seconds.

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