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Beoplay EX Atelier EditionsFor your ears only

Ultra-rare, and we mean it. Carefully curated, just like your daily soundtrack. And that colour? It’s all you. Introducing Beoplay EX Atelier Editions.

Hear in full colour  Beoplay EX Atelier Editions

A superior on-the-go listening experience, now crafted in a spectrum of new styles to reflect your unique taste. A celebration of the moment. An expression of who you are. Only a limited number of this colour available, with different colours coming later in the year. Now’s your chance to bring it home.

Remarkably rare

When we call these earbuds unique, we mean it. We make a limited number of each edition. Full stop. Put these on, and you’re listening to the only EX in the world with that unique colour. You won’t see anyone else with them on the street. Or the sports court. Or the office. When they ask, “How can I get one?” You’ll answer: “You can’t.”

With soul-stirring sound, clever noise cancellation and superior craftsmanship, you do not want to miss out of earbuds in a colour that is yours only.

Price is €699 / $699

Beoplay EX Atelier Edition earbuds in Peach Pink

Drop #03: Peach Pink

Peach Pink is the spritely and spirited mood of spring. Fresh, excited, and ready for the world. The delicate and playful looks capture powerful sound in a timeless moment. Because the season is ripe for Beoplay EX Peach Pink.

Peach Pink background Color

Next colour dropping in...

Beoplay EX Atelier closed wireless charging case with earbuds in Peach Pink

Explore the Beoplay EX classics

Image of Beoplay EX in Black Anthracite with charging case

Beoplay EX

Select a colour
  • Black Anthracite
  • Gold Tone
  • Anthracite Oxygen

Black Anthracite

NOK 4,199

Created by us. Personalised by you.

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