BeoPlay software updater

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How to use Beoplay Software Updater

To update a Bang & Olufsen product by Beoplay Software Updater you need to:

  • Use a specific USB cable which is delivered with the product
  • Download and install the Beoplay Software Updater on a Windows or Apple Mac computer

If your computer has a USB-A connector you will need one of the following USB cable:

  • BeoPlay A1, A2 Active, Beolit 17, Beoplay P2, H8i, Beoplay H9 1st gen, Beoplay H9i, Beoplay 3rd gen -> USB-A to USB-C cable
  • BeoPlay A2, H9 Beolit 15 -> USB-A to USB mini-B cable
  • BeoPlay H7, H8 and S3 -> USB-A to USB micro-B cable

Updating your Bang & Olufsen product:

  1. Accept the terms & conditions
  2. Click on SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD ITEM for either Windows or Apple Mac
  3. Unzip and install the Beoplay Software Updater on your computer
  4. Connect the USB cable to your Bang & Olufsen product and your computer
  5. Open the Beoplayer Software Updater
  6. Click the icon of your product and follow the instructions on the screen
Software download item
Version: Mac 1.0.6
Software download item
Version: Windows 1.0.6
Remember to update your Bang & Olufsen products

New features are continuously added to the products to keep improving the experience you have when using Bang &Olufsen products. So, you should keep your Bang & Olufsen products updated with the latest software version.

You can use the Bang & Olufsen Mobile App to update most of our products. It’s user friendly and offers an easy wireless update.

How to use the Bang & Olufsen Mobile App

A few Bang & Olufsen products need to be updated once by the older Beoplay Software Updater before they work together with our Mobile App:
  • Beolit 15
  • Beoplay A2
  • Beoplay H7
  • some versions of Beoplay H8
If you prefer the following Bang & Olufsen products can also be updated by the Beoplay Software Updater:
  • Beolit 17
  • Beoplay A1
  • Beoplay A2 Active
  • Beoplay P2
  • Beoplay S3
  • Beoplay H8 and H8i
  • Beoplay H9 and H9i
To use the Beoplay Software Updater you will need a computer (either Windows or Apple Mac computer) and a USB cable because only cabled updates are supported.