Media Server

Twonky Server

Recommended by Bang & Olufsen as the best way to integrate your iTunes collection with your BeoSound Moment, Twonky Server is a DLNA-compliant Digital Media Server for PC/Mac.

When integrated, your music is yours to conveniently browse on the BeoMusic App and stream with BeoSound Moment. Twonky Server scans and indexes your music, giving you one-point access to everything from BeoSound Moment. Music and playlists already stored in iTunes on your PC/Mac are also supported. To access music on BeoSound Moment, your computer must be turned on. Once the Twonky Server software is installed on a Windows PC, it automatically starts as you switch the computer on. On a Mac you need to add Twonky in the list of programs allowed and required to start at reboot:  Open ‘System settings’ – ‘Users and Groups’, Select ‘Login Items’, Click ‘+’ sign, find ‘Twonky’ in the list and press ‘Add’.

Before you download the software, you will need to request an activation key. In order to get the key, you need the type number and serial number found on the label on the back part of your BeoSound Moment.

Click here to request the activation key.

Download for Mac
Version: 7.2.7
Download for Windows
Version: 7.2.7