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A home in harmony  Johanne and Fredrik

Home, for these two Norwegians living in Copenhagen, means relaxation. They curate their home in their particular way to be able to unwind among beauty.

Inside the Christianshavn apartment of Johanne Aurebekk and Fredrik Aartun, you will find no excess, only the basics that they’re drawn to and that make them feel comfortable. The two are kind-natured and soft-spoken; tranquility and balance radiate in their personas and in their space despite a hectic day-to-day life. They’re both audiophiles who first met at a music school in their native Norway before moving away to work in the creative field. “Our community in Oslo always encouraged us to create something our own way,” says Johanne. “But it wasn’t until we moved to Copenhagen that we finally did it.” The pair spends working days at Danish design company Frama, but after the 2011 foundation of their passion project, Aure Studio, it happily occupies nearly every moment of free time. The studio has produced a wide range.

“We are very much about getting back to basics. We like to strip things down and let a piece stand strong.”


A Calm Retreat

Being at home, for Johanne and Fredrik, is first and foremost a calm retreat from the chaos of everyday life. After a day in the Frama studio and a late night at Aure, they come home to a space that they’ve designed to support relaxation. Excepting only the wooden floor, their flat is painted entirely in a warm charcoal-grey shade. Fredrik explains how the chalk paint, chosen specifically for its tactile quality and matte finish, invites us to look closer. When you do, the walls speak in traces of past fixtures. Most of the objects in their home appear simple. The couch sits low to the ground and is made up of a few modest cushions. A wooden vase sparsely filled with beach grass sits next to it. Leaning against the wall in the corner is a slab of raw marble. Each individual piece has a character and texture that comes together to manifest Johanne and Fredrik’s desired atmosphere in their home.

Simplicity calls attention to detail

Their affinity for texture goes along with their reverence for natural materials. Anything but monotonous, the simplicity calls attention to detail and reveals the organic feel of things. Always on the lookout for the piece with the best qualities for their space, the pair exemplifies a recent, unsuccessful, experience shopping for lighting for their living room: “We’ll live in the dark until we find the perfect lamp.”

Music Sets the Mood

When they turn up the music, whether a radio station with a charismatic emcee or a newly rediscovered Elvis album, it changes the air of the space. But this is no coincidence. It’s because, as they say, music can add to or simply create an atmosphere in their home. When they’re home alone, it can fall in sync with their artistic practice, or if they’re entertaining, it can characterise an evening in with friends. “Music means a lot to us and our space. It dictates the feeling a person gets when they enter and it sets the mood completely.” Their space provides them just what they need: down-time that sounds like old records — probably by Johnny Cash — in the background as they both relax, maybe cook a meal and enjoy the all too brief intermission to their every-day.

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