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A pair of Beolab 50s in a living room

Beolab 50Classic floor standing speakers

High-end active loudspeaker blending radical audio technology with graceful aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship.

Beolab 50Oak
  • Natural Aluminium
  • Black Fabric
    Front Cover
    Black Fabric
  • Oak Wood
    Side Panels
    Oak Wood


The classic contrast of colours and materials, with black fabric, natural aluminium and oak wood.

Powerful floor standing speaker

A loudspeaker that exceeds expectations time and time again. Finely tuned to provide balanced, rich audio whether listening to music or watching a movie. Prepare for exceptional performances of music and cinematic soundscapes, powered by patented Bang & Olufsen technology.

  • A detail of the Acoustic Lens Technology of Beolab 50
  • A pair of Beolab 50 in Natural Aluminium and a dining table
  • A pair of Beolab 50 with Beovision Eclipse
  • A detail of Beolab 50 with the aluminium front cover
A pair of Beolab 50 with Beovision Harmony

Grace and power

With an eye-catching geometric design, Beolab 50 embraces natural colours and contours to create a beautiful blend of contemporary styles. The Acoustic Lens majestically ascends before performing, creating a magical moment that sets the stage for an extraordinary listening experience.

High-end sound

Enjoy high quality sound in your home entertainment set up with an active pair of loudspeakers designed to match your desires. Extraordinary cinematic experiences, carefree music as a backdrop to your day-to-day or intense, audiophile enjoyment - all are catered to by this powerful speaker.

Beolab 50

Ground-breaking sound

A speaker for every scenario

Building on the ground breaking active loudspeaker work that characterises Bang & Olufsen, Beolab 50 is a radically powerful all-in-one speaker. Our audio engineers have created a floor standing stereo speaker that delivers a powerful performance every time.

Beolab 50


Music tailored to you

With its adjustable acoustic lens, Beolab 50 can alter its sound delivery to suit the audience. When listening alone, the lens contracts to send a direct sound beam to create a sweet spot. With a house full of guests, the lens opens for a room-filling performance.

Beolab 50


Made-to-measure music

Active Room Compensation measures the acoustical behaviour of your room and the placement of your speakers. The data is used to create a custom set of filters for your Beolab 50, tailored to your space so you can enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard exactly as the artist intended.

Beolab 50 and Beolab 90 in  a living room set up

Home theatre systemLet the sound carry you

Widen the sound stage with Beolab speakers and expand your home cinema experience way beyond your living room. Explore your many options and discover why Bang & Olufsen home theatre systems aren’t just for movies.

Learn more

Minimalism requires dedication

To create a powerful yet elegant speaker like Beolab 50 takes a huge amount of effort. Achieving authentic sound in a minimalist design involves a careful process honouring more than nine decades of relentless commitment to design and acoustic innovation.

A graceful performer

With its slender, tall silhouette and rounded base, Beolab 50 is a notable yet unobtrusive addition to any home. The aluminium surfaces and wood lamellas are beautifully displayed in a refined and visionary design.

Control, your way

Get everything you need from Beolab 50, the way you want to. Intuitive, straight forward controls make it easy to access even the speaker's most advanced features. Control it all with Beoremote One BT, Beoremote Halo or the Bang & Olufsen App.

Personalise your own Beolab 50

When it comes to finalising an aesthetic, every choice counts. So we want to give you the opportunity to be the one making the choices. Pick your favourite materials and colours to make Beolab 50 your own.

Beolab 50
  • Beolab 50 and Harmony
  • Beolab 50 in natural with black fabric covers
  • Beolab 50 speaker in living room
  • Beolab 50 speaker under the cover
Beoremote Halo on a sofa bord
beoremote halo table aluminium

Beoremote Halo

A remote control for accessing your music without having to use your mobile device. Integrated with touch screen display. Simple and intuitive.


Find the right speaker for you

A pair of Beolab 50s in natural oak
Beolab 50From €38,500
A pair of Beolab 90 in black
Beolab 90From €100,000
Beolab 18 in Light Oak
Beolab 18From €6,750
In essence

Loudspeaker blending radical audio technology with graceful aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship.

Unprecedented power and acoustic performance adapting to your living space and listening modes.

An iconic pillar of luxury sound crafted from carefully selected materials.

Advanced Sound Features

Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) Advanced Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Beam Width Control Thermal Protection

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Beam Width Control
Beam Direction Control (5 sides) Thermal Protection

Acoustic Lens Technology Adaptive Bass Linearization Acoustic Placement Settings Thermal Protection

Maximum Loudness @1m (SPL)

120 dB SPL

126 dB SPL

107 dB SPL

Bass Capability

116 dB SPL

123 dB SPL

83 dB SPL


45.5 W x 108.8 H x 28.5 D cm

73.5 W x 125.3 H x 74.7 D cm

20 W x 132.4 H x 20 D cm

Reviews from the experts

"A dream for minimalist audiophiles"
"If you want a super-stylish set-up in the minimum of boxes, one that's little short of awesome when it comes to volume levels, large-scale dynamics and outright composure, well... we haven’t come across better"
"Fantastic sound in a beautiful-looking speaker"
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