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Beosound Emerge  Compact WiFi home speaker

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A slim WiFi speaker that fits in anywhere and reaches you everywhere in the room with full-range, ultra-wide sound. The perfect compact home speaker.

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Impossibly slim. Surprisingly powerful.

Beosound Emerge takes your music to places never imagined before. Elegant and ultra-slim, it fits in anywhere – from a bookshelf in the bedroom to a tight corner in the kitchen. And despite its size, it reaches you everywhere in the room with full-range, ultra-wide sound.

Book-like speaker Beosound Emerge Light Oak placed on a bookshelf, while a woman listens to music and reads in the background.

Surprisingly big sound

Expand your music experience without compromising on space. Beosound Emerge delivers ultra-wide, 180-degree sound from a surprisingly small footprint. An optimal choice for secondary living spaces and tight spots, this home speaker is designed to deliver powerful sound even when tucked away. Place it on a bookshelf, kitchen counter or desk and fill your room with music.

Ultra-slim Beosound Emerge driver configuration

Innovative engineering
Revolutionary driver configuration

The ultra-slim profile contains a revolutionary driver configuration finely tuned by Bang & Olufsen engineers. Exceptionally small drivers have been specially arranged to create a full-range audio experience that enhances clarity, no matter the environment. The 4" woofer produces omnidirectional low frequencies no matter where it is pointing, while the compact 1.45” mid-range driver and 0.6" tweeter are arranged at the top for maximum impact.

Deep and powerful bass

Integrated bass port

The integrated bass port guides low end to the back of the speaker, resulting in a surprisingly deep and rich sound for such a small speaker.

Music to match your space

Active Room Compensation

Active Room Compensation acoustically optimises the sound of your speaker based on the room, ensuring your music sounds flawless.

Ultra-slim to fit any space

An ultra-slim profile with a book-inspired design and a footprint of only 6.7cm, Beosound Emerge is an elegant and versatile addition to every room - whether in a prominent position or discreetly tucked away on a shelf.

Beosound Emerge is an elegantly designed speaker, made with premium materials, aluminium, natural oak and kvadrat textile.

Quality Craftsmanship
Tactile materials of the finest quality

Crafted using premium materials, such as precision cut, pearl-blasted aluminium, natural oak and woven textile from Kvadrat. Each element is chosen for its performance properties, aesthetics and special textural qualities. Beosound Emerge is a tactile experience as well as a visual and aural one. Drawing inspiration from curated and harmonious indoor spaces, Beosound Emerge is the manifestation of the perfect balance between elegance and natural beauty.

Beosound Emerge connected speaker with Wi-Fi

Connected SpeakersSounds better together

Beosound Emerge is part of Connected Speakers, a simple and seamless way to stream music throughout your home using Chromecast or Airplay.

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Close view of the touch interface of Beosound Emerge, for playing favourite radio stations or music streaming platforms.

Elegant user interface

Intuitively integrated into the top of the speaker, the interface is designed to be easily accessed in a variety of spaces. Use the soft-touch buttons to seamlessly access your favourite Bang & Olufsen radio stations, search on Google or stream via Spotify and adjust volume with a unique circling motion, a pleasurable experience in itself.

  • Close view of the book-shaped speaker Beosound Emerge Black Anthracite on a bookshelf
  • Beosound Emerge Black Anthracite on a bookshelf, in a bright spacious livingroom
  • Beosound Emerge Gold Tone - Light Oak slim speaker on a bookshelf
  • Close view of the compact speaker Beosound Emerge Gold Tone - Light Oak placed on a bookshelf at home
Beosound Emerge Packaging

Included in the box

Beosound Emerge Fabric or Polymer USB-C power cable Quick start guide

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Beosound Emerge Oak
Beosound Emerge 
Beosound Level light oak
Beosound LevelFrom €1,299
Beosound Balance naturaloak
Beosound BalanceFrom €2,299
Recommended Room Size

5-30 m² 50-300 ft²

10-50 m² 100-500 ft²

10-80 m² 100-800 ft²

Bass Capability

72 dB SPL

79 dB SPL

88 dB SPL

Maximum Loudness @1m (SPL)

92 dB SPL

96 dB SPL

104 dB SPL

Advanced Sound Features

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Thermal Protection

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Position-depended sound staging Thermal Protection

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Beam Direction Control (three sides) Beam Width Control Thermal Protection

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