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DB9 Volante

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound DB9

The beautiful and sinuous Aston Martin DB9 has inspired a host of imitators. The BeoSound DB9 gives this vehicle, every inch the thoroughbred and with GT levels of comfort, a sound system to match. The system ably demonstrates the consistent commitment of Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen to high-tech innovation and traditional craftsmanship skills, with all visible components being beautifully engineered into the fascia and vehicle surrounds. With the BeoSound DB9, this vehicle is elevated into something genuinely special.

Proprietary ICEpower technology offers a sought after combination of high power and hi-fi sound quality with ultra-compact design and cool operation. Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) enables a wide (180°) horizontal dispersion of high frequencies. The proprietary technology prevents the loss of critical sound and gives listeners an improved sense of space, staging and realism, even when not sitting in the optimal listening position - the “sweet spot”.

Even the best speaker and the best amplifier would sound wrong in a car unless adapted to that car through the use of advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and sound tuning. DSP essentially stages the musical performance. The combination of the advanced DSP and hours spent tuning each system by ear ensures all loudspeakers work together seamlessly to deliver the best listening experience possible.

Custom-moulded closed-cabinet loudspeaker boxes ensure that the same conditions are maintained for each loudspeaker regardless of position or what is happening in the surrounding environment. There is less sound leakage and more control. Furthermore, Bang & Olufsen BeoSound for Aston Martin adapts automatically to changing noise conditions. This dynamic tuning lets occupants concentrate exclusively on an engaging driving and listening experience. The result is crisp and clear sound at all volumes, which makes the sound system the perfect match for the commanding performance of the Aston Martin.



13 fully active loudspeakers:
2 x 19 mm tweeters – moving acoustic lenses (front)
1 x 90 mm centre midrange (front centre)
1 x 19 mm centre tweeter (front centre)
2 x 90 mm midranges (front door)
2 x 140 mm woofers (front footwell)
2 x 19 mm tweeters (rear quarter)
2 x 90 mm midranges (rear quarter)
1 x 200 mm subwoofers (rear)

Speakers are mounted in closed cabinets to optimize the sound performance



Unique aluminium speaker grilles (superbly crafted, precisely drilled and with laser engraved Bang & Olufsen logo)

Bespoke sound design by the acoustic team at Bang & Olufsen 


Total System Power 1000 watts 

13-channel DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Amplifier 
8 power output channels - 250 watt
5 line output channels
5-channel ICEpower amplifier – 750 watt

Sound Features

Automatic Volume Control – automatic real-time adjustment of equalization and volume to compensate for changing noise levels
Sound Mode: ‘Auto’, ‘Driver’ or ‘Front’ 
Surround Level