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Rapide S

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Rapide

Every Aston Martin Rapide S is a unique statement. With the advent of the four door model, this vehicle combines performance with versatility, a landmark which calls for a sound system to match. The BeoSound Rapide is just that sound system. Optimised for all the passengers, including those in the rear seats, it has been tailor made to the interior design of the vehicle and performs the impossible by opening it out into a clear, precise soundscape, that would suit a vast concert auditorium. A landmark in the cooperation between two of the most well-respected makers in their particular field, this car has a sound system it deserves.

The BeoSound Rapide sound system comes with 15 active speakers and a total amplifier power of more than 1.000 W. All the speakers are mounted in closed cabinets to optimise the sound and provide absolute clarity and precision, and also to prevent the sound from escaping the car. The well-known Bang & Olufsen magic is provided by the two acoustic lenses which emerge automatically from the dashboard when the system is activated. The system is 100% integrated with the control unit in the car, and the system is able to detect how many passengers there are in the car and automatically adjust the sounds focus accordingly. The adjustment will happen when the seatbelts are plugged in at the different seats in the car. For such a versatile car as the Aston Martin Rapide this is a very convenient feature that offers a unique sound experience to all passengers at all times.



15 fully active loudspeakers:
2 x 19 mm tweeters – moving acoustic lenses (front)
1 x 90 mm centre midrange (front centre)
1 x 19 mm centre tweeter (front centre)
2 x 90 mm midranges (front door)
2 x 140 mm woofers (front footwell)
2 x 19 mm tweeters (rear door)
2 x 90 mm midranges (rear door)
2 x 140 mm woofers (rear door)
1 x 200 mm subwoofers (rear)

Speakers are mounted in closed cabinets to optimize the sound performance


Unique aluminium speaker grilles (superbly crafted, precisely drilled and with laser engraved Bang & Olufsen logo)

Bespoke sound design by the acoustic team at Bang & Olufsen 


Total System Power 1000 watts 
15-channel BeoCore amplifier 
ICEpower® Amplifier Technology

Sound Features

Automatic Volume Control – automatic real-time adjustment of equalization and volume to compensate for changing noise levels
Sound Mode: ‘Auto’, ‘Driver’, ‘Front’ or ‘All’  
Surround Level