Bang & Olufsen Sound System

The Audi R8’s sound system is the result of an impressive partnership between Bang & Olufsen, Audi and Fraunhofer IIS. 

The car includes 13 active speakers, each driven by their own dedicated amplifier channel, including a subwoofer placed at the opposing driver’s side inner wheel liner. A special feature has been included for the Audi R8 Spyder, with a pair of head rest speakers carefully integrated into each seat. This ensures a precise surround sound experience, even at high speed. It comes into its own particularly as the close proximity inside the head rest maintains excellent surround sound even with the hood down.

The systems overall acoustical parameters benefit from 550 watts of clean undistorted power, culminating in Bang & Olufsen unique sound philosophy. Our designers & engineers have developed a well-balanced music reproduction with precise sound stage, placing the listener into the heart of the entertainment environment as originally intended by the artist in the recording studio.

Passengers have the choice of two different audio settings, one capable of enveloping the entire car and another precisely focused on the front stage. 


Pictures by courtesy of Audi AG



13 active loudspeakers

Two headrest speaker in each seat

CosCone midrange drivers – a patented loudspeaker with a different cone shape to make the speaker unit extremely flat

Subwoofer is positioned in the unused cavity of the front wheel liner



13-channel Class D amplifier with DSP

Total output power of 550 watts

Vehicle Noise Compensation (Road EQ)

5.1 multichannel support

Fraunhofer surround sound algorithm



Dynamic lines design with aluminum details

Front door woofer grills LED illuminated