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Beoplay A9 Sounds Like Home

There’s this feeling. It’s like your favorite song; like home. Maybe it’s hard to explain, but you know it. It’s when everything is in sync and you are free to decompress, create, design, entertain. It’s that atmosphere created when every element comes together in perfect harmony.

Beoplay A9 with the Google Voice Assistant
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  • Anthracite/Dark Oak 4th generation
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Beoplay A9 with Google Assistant


Beoplay A9 Black comes with Black Walnut legs and Black cover and features Google Voice Assistant.


Meaningful Composition

When it comes to composing a home, people explore design differently to curate their space. And the beauty of that freedom is that there is more than one correct answer. As long as you pick elements that make you feel at home, you’re on the right track. Maybe it’s a lamp, or a chair. Maybe even a plant, or the music playing in the background. These things aren’t just there by chance - they mean something.

Music is almost like a partner. It brings you different moods; it lifts you up. It makes you warm. The right music in the right can really orchestrate the setting.

Carolyne and Laura

Music as a common ground

To get an idea of how different people use their homes, select interior pieces, arrange them and what surprising elements add inexplicable atmosphere, we spoke with design-conscious people from all over the world. Some curate very consciously, some embrace the organic way things accumulate, and others seek out the timeless classics. Regardless of their style, we found some common ground between them — music. Introducing sound into a room is another design element that can orchestrate an atmosphere.

Music adds an intangible element to a space that is hard to describe yet easily experienced.

You know the feeling. It sounds like home.