Beware of counterfeit Bang & Olufsen products

As a global luxury audio brand, Bang & OIufsen is increasingly a target for counterfeiters around the world. Copying a Bang & Olufsen product is stealing the craftmanship of the company and infringing the work of our designers.

In Bang & Olufsen we have spent nearly a century on refining our capabilities within sound, design and craftmanship. You will never experience the same quality in a counterfeit product. Furthermore, fake products rarely comply with health and safety requirements, which especially relates to security of batteries, chargers or other electronics inside of the counterfeits. Only genuine Bang & Olufsen products are made with the skill and care that our customers deserve.

When you buy Bang & Olufsen products from an Authorized Bang & Olufsen Reseller, you have certainty that the product is genuine. However, it may not always be obvious if a reseller is an Authorized Bang & Olufsen Reseller.

Authenticity scan

anti counterfeit  tesa label

To protect our customers against counterfeiters and illegal copies, we have developed special authentication labels that verify the authenticity of our products. You will find the authentication label on the outside of our packaging box.

With this authentication label, the authenticity of our products can easily be checked by scanning the code on the label or by visiting The code can be scanned with any smart device* or you can enter the code in the ID field on the webpage, which is located under an image of our authentication label, and press check. You will instantly receive authentication from Bang & Olufsen, if the product in question is authentic.

We aim to launch our Authenticity Scan Program for our entire product portfolio with a global roll-out divided into several phases. We are now in the initial phase, meaning only a selected range of products come with the special authentication labels. If your product does not have a special authentication label on the packaging box, it doesn’t mean your product is not authentic. It could simply mean your product is in a later phase of the global roll-out.

If you want to report any suspicion of counterfeit products, do not hesitate to contact our anti-counterfeit unit here (

Do you want to scan? Click here.

* We recommend downloading a QR scanning software app to your smartphone or use your camera to perform the scan.

  • When you buy counterfeit merchandise, you are giving your money to a dishonest person. The seller is committing a crime by selling you the merchandise.

  • Fighting counterfeit products is a costly affair, but we do it to ensure our customers get the product and quality experience they expect both in terms of rich, powerful sound and the attention to detail and use of genuine materials B&O is known for.

  • You’re probably buying cheap merchandise. Counterfeiters are generally out there to make a quick buck. They probably don’t care about repeat business, meaning they have little incentive to put quality into what they sell. Therefore, what you buy may fall apart or stop working soon after you buy it – or, in worst case – contain hazardous materials that can cause real harm (e.g. unstable and flammable batteries).

  • Counterfeiters are often difficult to locate and you may have nowhere to go with a possible warranty issue or a product liability claim.

Counterfeiters are often very good at imitating the immediate looks of a product. At first sight it may therefore be difficult to detect a counterfeit product from a genuine Bang & Olufsen product. However, the following would be very strong indications that a product is counterfeit:

  • Poor sound quality
  • Mediocre craftmanship
  • Strong chemical smell
  • Extremely low price
  • No connectivity to the Bang & Olufsen App

Bang & Olufsen distributes its products via authorized resellers only. By purchasing from authorized resellers or you can avoid the disappointments of buying a counterfeit product.

If you have questions or suspicions of product(s) being counterfeit, don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact Bang & Olufsen’s counterfeit unit: