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Woman sitting in a chair adjusting the volume of Beosound 1

Living with multiroom  A seamless music experience

We asked five people within interior design from around the world to live with our wireless speakers - and to share their experience. Here is what they said...

Design your own mood

Adriana Gastéllum @Fakeleather

Mexican blogger and content creator living in beautiful Barcelona. Adriana desgined her own mood with Beosound 2 and Beoplay A6.

Blending in with the design of your home while standing out as if it were a piece of art. For Adriana this was the pivotal aspect of our Multiroom Collection. To her, music is a tool to set the mood delivering the soundtrack of our daily lives. Music can stir emotions - and Adriana noted that this is now possible for her with a single touch.

Never have I experienced such a seamless speaker system that not only provided perfect quality sound but that was also stylish, so much that I wanted to place every speaker as if it were a piece of art.

Adriana Gastélum

State of the art technologies

Fredrik Risvik fredrikrisvik

Norwegian based and known for his Scandinavian sense of design, we asked Fredrik to live with Beosound 1, Beosound 2 and Beoplay A9. To him the timelessness of the design proved key. As Fredrik noted, the Beosound 1 & 2 could just as well be contemporary 20 years from now or 20 years ago. Fredrik underscored the importance of the tranquility that music can provide, so kick off your shoes after a long day, sit down and listen to your favourite music.

"Bang & Olufsen is by far my favorite company when it comes to product design in the audio world, and have been that ever since I noticed the Beogram turntable 10 years ago"

woman jumping on a couch while Beosound 2 stands next to her on a table

Music for the entire family

Dominique Davis @allthatisshe

UK based blogger and growth mentor, Dominique tried three of our wireless speakers; Beosound 1, Beosound 2 and Beoplay M5. She used to believe that music wasn't a big part of her everyday life anymore. With two lovely kids roaming the living room and the incessant tunes of "poptastic" girl bands and children's songs, personal priorities had to be set aside. But the introduction of the Multiroom technology into their daily life, changed how the household perceived the role of music within the home.

My daughters can play and control the music that they like in the comfort of their own rooms, while downstairs, I can listen to the songs that I enjoy without any interruption

Dominique Davis

Experience Multiroom with Bang & Olufsen speakers

Carl Thompson @hawkinsandshepherd

After UK based Carl Thompson had spent the last year slowly redecorating his place and implementing new technologies into his interior design it was to move up a level with incredible sound and impeccable design, as he put it. Carl played around with Beosound 1, Beoplay A9 and Beoplay M5, all wireless speakers complementing his London flat where technology isn't designed to be hidden away, but to be a stylish addition to any room.

"Impeccable design and incredible design make Bang & Olufsen the only choice for multiroom speakers in my London flat. My passions are interior design, fashion and tech which these speakers and in particular the Beosound 1 fit into. I simply use Google Chromecast over wifi to play the same song across all speakers".

A vintage record player from the 80's can be wirelessly connected to the latest B&O tech! Being able to control your music from anywhere int he hoise and control which speakers they come out of all from the app is genius

Oliur Rahman

Combine old technology with the new

Oliur Rahman @ultralinx

What if you have an iconig Bnag & Olufsen record player from the 80's, can you still stream the music to our wireless pseakers? The answer is yes! Oliur Rahman, Founder of a UK based online magazine got the change to try out a very special setup. Together, we hooked up the classic Beolab 3's with the newest Beoplay M5 as well as a Beosound 2, a Beosound 35 and a heritage Beosystem 6500 from the 80's. Oliur controlled everything wirelessly - even the record player!

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