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On a sonic journey with Bang&Olufsen Podcast  Sound of the cities

“Sounds Of The Cities” is a sonic journey across our world, from low-fidelity to high-fidelity: looking at – and listening to – the noisy hubbub of urban life, the people and soundscapes that make up these creative capitals, and how we make sense of the chaos through creativity.

Cities are expressions of human creativity. They show our desire for vibrant community, engaging culture, and how we all want to give purpose to our lives. But cities can also be noisy, stressful and sometimes dangerous places to be – they can swallow a person up. Maybe it’s the excitement of that balancing act that draws us to them? In “Sounds Of The Cities” we journey to New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and elsewhere, showing how travelling is like listening to a song – it’s never just about sight-seeing, never just about nodding along to a melody. Travelling and listening both take us beyond all borders, political and personal. “Sounds Of The Cities” mission is to experience our world with wonder and awe, listening to it with an open heart, take it all in, change with it, be inspired.

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