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Sound Stories  Moses Boyd, Musician

Earlier this year, we met with Moses Boyd, young British jazz musician, drummer and producer, in his recording studio in London. The acclaimed performer talked to us about his constant exploration in the search for new inspiration in the exciting world of sounds.

  • Moses Boyd playing piano
  • Moses Boyd hands on piano

Creating a tapestry of sound: this is jazz

For Moses collaboration is key. Experimenting, improvising and jamming with fellow musicians: this is one of the reason why he felt in love with jazz in the first place and helped him finding that special language of sounds he expresses himself in. This collaborative process, together with his constant curiosity and search for innovation, allows him to create something new all the time, challenging the homogeny of today´s world.

It takes courage to be different, you know. And that´s never been truer then now when we are living in a world of homogeny.

Moses Boyd

Jazz musician

Listen to Moses´ latest release on Spotify

Moses Boyd in his recording studio

It is all about vibrations...and quality of sound

In the end, everything vibrates, this is how we communicate to one another. In order to listen to those vibrations, you need the best possible sound sources: the better the sound, the closer you are to the source of the vibrations. So the better you are at understanding and creating those vibrations, the stronger your message will be.

Sound is fundamental to me, it´s very important. It´s almost like the better the sound the closer you are to the source. We are just receptors to what´s out there, everything has a frequency, everything vibrates.

Moses Boyd

Jazz musician

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