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Inspiring world class runners On x Bang & Olufsen

For On running athletes Dominic Lokinyomo and Giulia Senn, music is a powerful motivator. Inspiring the focus and mental clarity that enriches training and performance on the world stage.

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Beoplay E8 Sport On Edition

Une édition spéciale développée en collaboration avec On, la marque de running suisse.

350 $US

Music gets you there

Reaching full potential as an elite athlete takes unparalleled passion and determination. Professional runners Dominic and Giulia awaken and enhance their abilities on the track with the music that drives them to train and compete at their peak.

On Running athlete Dominic running on a road wearing Beoplay E8 Running On edition

Dominic Lokinyomo

Long distance runner

Discovered by the Athlete Refugee Team in South Sudan, Dominic’s first love was football until the individualism of running ignited his passion. For Dominic, music takes away the pain of long-distance running, bringing true serenity.


People say that running is pain. The emotion you get when you listen to music, is to take that pain. The mind will focus on the music. Not on running. You don't count the distance and you don't see the time. The reason I like music is to give the mind peace.

Dominic Lokinyomo

Long distance runner

On Running athlete Giulia wearing a pair of Beoplay E8 running On edition

Giulia Senn

400m runner

International competitor and U18 400m Swiss champion Giulia feels like she's flying when she trains to music. A motivational soundtrack focuses her mind and complements her physical regime, opening up new pathways to achieving her goals.


Music impacts my training so much because I try to set my mind to it and to look forward on what I want to achieve.

Giulia Senn

400m Sprinter

  • On Running Athlete, Dominic, stretching with a view of the mountains
  • On Running athlete, Dominic, holding Beoplay E8 Running On Running edition in his hands
  • On Running athlete, Giulia, sitting and stretching on the running court
  • Beoplay E8 Running x On Running edition sitting on a blue running court

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