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Hospitality by Bang & Olufsen

Hospitality is all about spoiling people with good experiences. At least fulfilling needs and expectations if not going a step further giving the unexpected.

Talking in-room solutions the guests at high-class hotels have high expectations when it comes to audio and video equipment. An increasing number of travellers already bring their own entertainment and work with them, and they expect an easy connection between the television screen and their camera, laptop or iPod.

Bang & Olufsen televisions can easily fulfil these expectations by adding a user-friendly connectivity panel that can be placed wherever it is most suitable.

Add an extra element of customised hospitality with Bang & Olufsen. For us, it’s all about spoiling your guest’s and boosting the luxurious image of your hotel.

Specialised hospitality division

Bang & Olufsen Enterprise is Bang & Olufsen’s specialist hospitality division. No matter what the scale, we can help you all the way, from inspiration and planning, to implementing and integrating fully customised solutions. We have extensive experience working closely with interior designers and project developers on many world-class hotel developments. 

Customised products solutions

Our unique, world-renowned television, audio and loudspeaker designs have won numerous international awards and received widespread acclaim. The advanced and patented technology inside delivers optimum audio and video in any environment.

Every model is designed with focus on performance, functionality and usability. With one single customised remote control guests can easily control audio and video equipment in their room, even lighting, curtains and air conditioning.

Our wide range of products are available in a multitude of colours, sizes, designs and positioning options, giving you an amazing amount of creative room to design interiors, suites and public areas. You decide if the products make a discreet or a bold statement.


Ready for your guests – and the future

An increasing number of travellers already bring their own entertainment and work with them, and they expect an easy connection between the television screen and their camera, laptop or iPod. Any BeoVision TV can easily fulfil these expectations by adding a user-friendly connectivity panel. The panel can be placed wherever it is most suitable.

You can choose to interface the chosen BeoVision with the hotel system provider, making it ready for films, internet, e-mail, music systems, photo displays and hotel billing and services.

Imagine an audio and video solution providing the hotel guest with ultimate pleasure in his or her own room. Imagine a TV-screen that gives performances so true to life that your guests find themselves completely absorbed in the sights – and imagine a sound reproduced true to the original intentions of the artist and producer.

Imagine the joy of a guest sitting in a comfortable chair with the eyes closed, or maybe enjoying the view, while listening to his or her favourite music with the feeling that the singer is in the same room. And imagine the thrill of watching a movie in a set up giving a cinematic experience in both sound and vision.

Choosing Bang and Olufsen is choosing the possibilities of the future. Today.

Regional Hospitality contacts

DACH, Middle East and Asia Pacific 
Ercan Vural
Key Account Manager
Mobile: +49 175 588 8186

United Kingdom
Barry Pim
Key Account Manager
Mobile: +44 758 703 8489

Nordics and United States
Henrik Torp Nielsen
Senior Business Manager
Mobile: +45 22 51 49 73
Benelux, Southern EU and Expansion
Inge Caron
Sr B2B Manager
Mobile: +32 495 557177

Greater China Region
Nuno Ying
Sales Manager, Enterprise
Mobile: +86 18939725895
Australia and New Zealand
Matthew Lucas
Business Development Manager, Enterprise
Mobile +61 437 188 693
Four umbrellas to borrow at the hotel's exit


Bang & Olufsen Automotive offer high-end car manufacturers the following services





Bang & Olufsen Automotive, acquired by HARMAN in May 2015, offers its partners car audio systems with unprecedented sound quality and listening pleasure for the driver and passengers.

In addition to traditional craft skills within manufacturing and aluminium finishing, the systems incorporate the radical synthesis of emotional appeal and technological performance that has long been the hallmark of Bang & Olufsen Automotive. 

Bang & Olufsen Automotive launched its first car audio system in 2005, and will continue to innovate and refine together with its partners within the automotive industry.

Redefinition of sound systems for cars

At the beginning of this millennium Bang & Olufsen defined the ambition of bringing the Bang & Olufsen sound experience into the car. 

The ambition was – like any other Bang & Olufsen ambition - based on Bang & Olufsen’s vision: ‘Courage to constantly questioning the ordinary in search for surprising and lasting experiences’. 

Our starting point was that despite the fact that most car passengers use hours on the road listening to their favourite music, the quality and performance of available car audio systems had not at all followed the rapid development of the quality and performance of the car itself. 

With the launch of the first Bang & Olufsen sound system for a car, the Audi top-of-the line A8 in 2005, Bang & Olufsen redefined the segment for car-audio, by increasing the joy of ownership and use of the sound system.


The first impression of a car is the one you get from watching the car from the outside. The same is true for our sound systems. Elegant details in the parcel shelf, instrument panel and doors are visible from the outside and underline the performance that could be expected from the sound system. 

These expectations are met when the music is turned on, amplified by powerful, multichannel amplifiers and reproduced by numerous loudspeaker units integrated into the car. The sound has been made perfect for the passengers by Bang & Olufsens’ ‘tonmeisters’ who during the development phase have spent months in the car adjusting each and every speaker in the car to give a music reproduction as close as possible to the artists’ intention, with virtually no colouring or distortion. Different options for settings ensure that no matter the number of passengers in the car, the music stage is in front of each passenger – just like in a real concert.

Car audio competences

Bang & Olufsen’s ability to redefine car audio is based on decades of research and development in acoustics, which has given Bang & Olufsen a position as one of the leading manufacturers of loudspeakers in the world. The development of breakthrough products like BeoLab 8000 (one of the first loudspeaker in the world that had built-in amplifiers and a design that thrills most people) and BeoLab 5 (one of the world’s best and most advanced speakers) has given Bang & Olufsen a unique competence in acoustics. 

Currently more than 100 engineers at Bang & Olufsen work within the field of acoustics, and Bang & Olufsen holds numerous patents and is a very active player and contributor in international societies for acoustic technologies and perception. Most of our acoustic technologies are highly relevant for the use in cars. 
Modern cars are packed with equipment and components that fight for space and should not add unnecessary weight to the car. In this context Bang & Olufsen’s tradition for making compact speakers and our highly efficient and compact amplifier technology, ICEpower, comes handy in place. The extremely low power consumption of ICEpower is also welcomed in car manufacturer’s efforts to reduce fuel-consumption. 

The Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT), another patented Bang & Olufsen technology, is the genius solution to the challenge, that in a car nobody sits in the middle between left and right speakers (the ‘sweet spot’): The ALT elegantly ensures that timbre is correct whether you sit left or right. 

Advanced Digital Signal Processing is used to compensate for the fact that in cars neither the speakers or the listeners are placed in optimum positions. Bang & Olufsen’s patented algorithms (under the trademark TrueImageTM, and making defined delays and equalising for each and every speaker) make sure that nevertheless the sound is distributed for perfect sound joy. 

All these – and other Bang & Olufsen technologies – are combined and ‘soundtuned’ by Bang & Olufsen’s skilled ‘tonmeisters’ (the ‘chefs’ of sounddesign) to meet the expectations that are set by the visual appearance of our sound systems: Elegant design of the sound system, seamlessly integrated into the car and realised by the finest craftsmanship of exclusive materials make your eyes equally satisfied as your ears.

Automotive strategy

Our strategy is to work with selected, high-end car manufacturers, who share the same passion for design, performance, craftsmanship and humanization as Bang & Olufsen does. This strategy opens up for cooperation not only on design, development and production, but also in the field of PR, marketing and sales, giving optimum value for both parties, and – not least – for the people who buy, own and use our joint products.


Car manufacturers who decide to offer their customers a Bang & Olufsen sound system obtain several advantages. By offering the best possible audio solution they enhance the buyers’ overall perception of the car which supports the car-brand’s position in the high end. Furthermore, a higher price point is made possible for the audio option, since Bang & Olufsen offers added value in performance and design. Finally, the cooperation with Bang & Olufsen opens up for numerous PR, marketing and event opportunities that help attract and retain customers. 

All Bang & Olufsen car audio systems are created to fit perfect Bang & Olufsen’s unique expression into the actual car’s design language. This means that our solutions are highly differentiated from car brand to car brand, based on the unique Bang & Olufsen platforms, technologies and skills.

  • Design and development of high performance car audio systems

  • In house production of car audio components, such as aluminium parts, moving mechanics parts etc.

  • Production and sourcing of all parts in the audio system: DSP- and power amplifiers, speakers and boxes, aluminium and plastic decoration parts

  • Tier 1 responsibility

  • PR, marketing, training and sales support at HQ-level as well as at national level

  • Certified processes: Bang & Olufsen is certified according to TS 16 949


Bang & Olufsen delivers bespoke audio and television solutions suited to all occasions and needs.

The versatility and compatibility of the products mean they are perfectly suited for hospitality, while their technological adaptability make them ideal for the smart home. Explore and discover how distinctive design and innovative technology can elevate any given experience.

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