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Beoplay A9  The Shape of Sound

Listen to designer, Øivind Alexander Slaatto, talking about finding circles in music, establishing atmospheres made for calm and how the natural world influenced his design for the Beoplay A9 speaker. Turn it up.

Chapter 1

A formula for life

An ancient geometric form

Designing the A9 we knew there had to be holes for screws on the front to hold the components together, and because of the changeable cover I wanted to create a product that would also look beautiful underneath.

The pattern creates a unified expression – so all you have to relate to is one thing. We have removed the complexity. Not the other way around. You could call it form and function unified. I also wanted to instil a bit of nature and move away from the more stringent design of the past.

The design is a combination of mathematics and pattern breaks, if you only follow the rules of mathematics, you don’t risk anything and you don’t show humanity.

When the patterns and the rules are broken, that’s when an artist shows personality!

Chapter 2

A timeless classic

Sound travels in circles, like waves around a stone when it hits the water. Circles defines the grid of everything in this design and the result is obvious, minimalistic and poetic.

Øivind Alexander Slaatto


  • Beoplay A9 Immersive
  • Beoplay A9 Immersive
The A9 has it all. Beautiful design, with fantasic craftsmanship, and amazing sound. In one package.
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