Bang & Olufsen Sound System

Power Meets Performance

The Bang & Olufsen Sound System for the Audi A3 Sportback features 14 active loudspeakers and 705-watts of power with one amplifier channel per loudspeaker and two for the subwoofer. Additionally, you can enjoy 5.1 Surround Sound (only available with the MMI Navigation plus) – all of which makes the Bang & Olufsen Sound System for the Audi A3 the most sophisticated in-car audio for the compact class car segment.

A Customized Iconic Design

Bang & Olufsen designers have been involved in the A3’s development since the beginning, assuring that the loudspeaker grilles and system design are perfectly integrated with the interior. The flowing contours of the loudspeaker grilles in each of the car’s doors are highlighted with an anodized aluminum trim. The front door grilles feature a thin white LED-light.

Listen Closely

Whether you are maneuvering through loud city traffic, cruising down the motorway, or sitting in a parking lot, the high-powered sound from your system remains pristine with a wide and realistic soundstage despite changes in outside noises. This is due to GALA plus, a system that compensates for vehicle noise by using a microphone integrated into the ceiling of the cockpit to measure changing noise conditions and automatically adapt the volume and timbre produced by the sound system accordingly.

The system has three sound focus areas that allow sound to be projected to the entire car or focused solely in the front or the rear, thus allowing for a perfect listening experience from every seat.


Pictures by courtesy of Audi AG



14 fully active loudspeakers



15-channel amplifier

705 watts of total output power



Loudspeaker grills in the doors which are highlighted with an anodized aluminum trim

A thin white light separates the platinum-colored aluminum trim and grills in the front doors and acts to further accentuate the design language of the Bang & Olufsen Sound System



5.1 Surround Sound (only available with the MMI Navigation plus)

Diverse sound setting options

GALA plus automatically adjusts the sound in the vehicle depending on speed and other environmental noises