In its essence, this is a story about energy, creation, and adaptive environments. In its execution, it’s a story about the breakthrough collaboration of seven Z by HP ambassadors and artists as they push the boundaries of their craft, focus their talents, and do something that they’ve never done before. To that end, Bang & Olufsen’s renowned sound quality has been an integral part of bringing this short film to life.

Music at work

Everyone involved in the CoCreated project can attest to the connection between music and the creative process. It’s a unique system in itself, providing energy, flow, and focus. But the nature of this project also attests to the importance of listening to, and hearing each other, in the collaboration process. That’s especially true when you’re working from home and everything’s happening remotely – on conference calls across borders and time zones.

”Music plays a huge role in my creative process. When I’m in the field I’m listening to it, and it often influences the photographs I take.”

Jody MacDonald

Documentary Photographer

Gmunk director


Bradley G. Munkowiz, also known as Gmunk, is one of the world’s foremost visual design directors. His work covers everything from installations to short films, and graphic design to titel sequences. When asked about the role music plays in his productivity habits, he sums it up unequivocally with "The importance of music can’t be overstated."

Jody MacDonald

Jody is constantly on the go. She’s been seeking out the exotic and unknown in over 90 countries, always with camera in hand. The adventure of traveling helps her to find her zone. But to give her award-winning creativity that little something extra, she has a secret. "Music really helps and inspires me when I’m trying to bring my photographs to life."

”First off, music is everything. Music is an energy source, I’m constantly, always listening to music when I create. 100% of the time.”


Designer & Director

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