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It’s Friday night and you’re relaxing in your comfortable home after a long day. You turn on the speaker to listen to the track that always has the power to move you and just like that, your evening has been transformed. The right music can instantly elevate your mood and the right home speaker means you can enjoy those mood-lifting moments whenever you need them most.

Plan and research ahead

There are many different types of speakers, and with a little forward planning you can easily discover the ones designed to complement your interior and your lifestyle equally. Finding the right speaker to deliver an outstanding audio experience in your home while also enhancing the space you live in means taking a few factors into consideration. The space you will be using your speaker in makes a huge difference to which type is most suitable.

Room Size and Shape

Room size and shape
Assesing your space

Large interiors need powerful drivers and rich bass, able to fill the room they’re placed in. Smaller spaces, especially those in urban settings, will need less raw power. Both should have the capability of delivering nuanced sound at all volume levels. Speakers with a Room Compensation feature allow you to get the best and most suitable sound performance for your particular space. In very few words, a speaker with Room Compensation enabled will consider the speaker’s placement and all the sound bouncing back from the walls and furniture in the room.

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Home speaker system - Environment and purpose

Environment and purpose
Type of room

The most suitable speakers for kitchens and bathrooms will have an IP dust and water resistant rating. Ratings like these show you which speakers have been created to withstand stray splashes or dirt – allowing you to place and use your speaker with confidence, even in environments that might get wet or messy. When choosing a speaker for a living room or bedroom, aesthetics are likely to be near the top of the agenda. Soft colours and natural textiles are ideal for complementing plush interiors while the choice of everything from ultra-modern metal to beautiful wooden finishes allows you to find the speaker that best suits your aesthetic.

Speaker placement

The placement of your speaker is a key factor, as some features can be optimised for particular settings. Even if you’re considering a portable WiFi speaker, placement can be really useful to consider. Your speaker may have a semi-permanent location for charging or between uses or a set rotation of places you tend to move it to.

Floor standing
Floor standing

Floor standing speakers make excellent statement pieces, as well as providing powerful sound. They tend to have a bigger sound than smaller speakers and often offer both directional and 360 sound, filling a whole room beautifully.

Bookshelf speakers
Bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers can also provide full-bodied sound, while fitting seamlessly into your décor. They are very flexible when it comes to placement and can easily adapt to rooms of a variety of different sizes. Many are also capable of focused listening and 360 sound.

Wall mount speaker
벽걸이형 스피커

벽걸이형 스피커는 선반, 바닥 또는 탁상 위의 공간을 절약해주는 동시에 온 공간에 가득한 오디오 체험을 선사합니다. 또한 팟캐스트 또는 파티용 플레이리스트를 재생하는 경우와 같이 여러 사람이 함께 청취 환경을 공유하기 위한 용도로 완벽합니다.

Materials and shapes

Design elements

Materials and shapes

In addition to delivering the best possible sound for the space it’s placed in, the right speaker will add to it aesthetically too. Discover materials that range from metallic, industrial options to soft, natural textiles and wood. You’ll also find a range of different speaker shapes, round, square, flat, cone, circular, cylinder or even hexagonal.

청취 스타일

음악을 듣는 방식은 사람마다 다릅니다. 그러니 집안에서 사용할 스피커를 고를 때도 자신의 오디오 활용 성향에 대해 생각을 해봐야겠죠. 오디오북 용도로 최적화된 선명한 직방향 사운드부터 친구들과 함께 즐기기에 좋은 풍성한 확산형 사운드까지, 스피커를 선택함에 있어 가장 비중을 두어야 할 기능이 바로 사용자의 청취 방식에 따라 결정되게 마련이니까요. 다음 요인을 고려하여 최적의 스피커를 찾아보세요.

Home speaker system - Features

오디오에 대한 취향

잔잔한 배경음 속에서 일하기를 좋아하는 패시브 리스닝 스타일인가요, 아니면 액티브 리스닝을 즐기는 오디오 매니아이신가요? 주로 패시브 리스닝을 즐기는 편이라면 벽걸이 또는 북셸프형 스피커를 추천해 드릴 만하며, 좋아하는 음악에 완전하게 몰입하고 싶다면 강렬한 사운드가 특징인 스탠드형 스피커가 보다 취향에 맞을 것입니다.

선호하는 환경

혼자만의 공간에서 음악, 팟캐스트, 오디오북 등을 집중하여 듣기를 좋아하시나요? 아니면 모임 장소 등에 적합한 360도 사운드를 선호하시나요? 어느 쪽을 원하는지에 따라 자신이 선호하는 방식에 맞춰 음악을 재생해줄 스피커 또는 여러 가지 청취 모드를 지원할 수 있고 상황에 따라 변신이 가능한 스피커를 적절히 선택하세요.

나의 취향에 맞는 사운드

인기 아티스트의 음악을 즐기기보다는 재미있는 팟캐스트를 듣거나 요리 프로그램을 주로 청취하는 편이신가요? 주로 이야기나 나레이션을 듣기 위해 스피커를 사용할 계획이라면 지향성 사운드가 특징인 북셸프형 스피커가 적합하겠죠. 한편, 음악 감상의 경우에는 고려해야 할 변수가 많은 편이므로 여러 가지 청취 모드와 배치 방식을 실험해보고 최적의 조합을 찾아내는 것이 중요합니다.

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