Sound Matters episode 16  The bass, the colour, and the mystery of synesthesia

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Sound Matters episode 16

“Monday’s yellow, Tuesday’s brown, Wednesday’s blue, Thursday’s light brown… If you ask people where lemons are on a piano, they will all put their hands at the top of the keyboard…” That’s Nick Ryan speaking, a sound artist and composer – but what on Earth is he actually talking about? Well, sometimes people get all mixed up. Specifically, their senses are mixed up. In this episode our ever-focused host Tim Hinman straps on his sensorial spelunking kit and goes looking – and listening – for the mystery of synesthesia, a perceptual phenomenon where people experience one sensory stimulation with a secondary sense. Numbers have certain colours, sounds have specific textures, and so on. Tim also travels to Jamaica with Professor Julian Henriques of Goldsmiths College, and talks sound systems, feeling the bass, and different types of science. Relax and set your senses free in this last episode of the second series of Sound Matters.

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