Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound

At Bang & Olufsen we are clear on sound. We want to deliver the best acoustic experience possible – natural, authentic and as the artist intended. Since 1929, we have strived to achieve this objective and today all our products are finely tuned to deliver the same seamless, honest and powerful sound experience, regardless of size or shape.

We call this Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.

Music as the artist intended it

In the same way that our products are crafted with iteration after iteration until the optimum result is obtained, so it is with our sound. At the Bang & Olufsen factory in Struer, Denmark, our sound engineers – or tonmeisters as they are known in acoustic circles – work their way through a complex and lengthy process to obtain the highest possible level of sound quality. 

As with all our sound reproduction systems, the objective is to deliver a musical experience “as the artist intended it.”

With a loudspeaker, for example, many variable factors come into play – the size of the room it will be played in or the acoustic properties of the room, all of which can be very different.

True and authentic

So Bang & Olufsen sound engineers focus on finding a finely tuned sound that will best match any sized room. And they do this by fully developing a products’ physical properties with test after test and then by applying scientific know-how in the final elaboration of the product, so it will best perform in any environment it is placed in.

The results are adaptive, intelligent audio systems that encapsulate our philosophy of delivering beautifully crafted sound with no tricks – true, authentic and just as the artist intended.