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Each and every groundbreaking product we’ve introduced over the years has been the result of the hard work and dedication displayed by the people working here the Bang & Olufsen people. Meet a few of them here.

Working at Bang & Olufsen

We’re a global workplace with a distinctly Scandinavian flavor. You can feel it in our products. And you can feel it in our approach to our work and our colleagues. Ensuring the best possible conditions and development opportunities for our employees in each local operation is imperative for our future development as a company.

Over time, we’ve developed exceptional products. In the process, this work helped develop Bang & Olufsen into more than just a workplace. We’ve become an international hub for world-class sound engineering and research, able to attract the world’s leading experts to do research and invest their careers with us. The same applies to our work in aluminium processing, and the list goes on.

Search for solutions that seem impossible at first

‘Growing up in Denmark, Bang & Olufsen has always been part of my cultural heritage. Today, my job is to develop the acoustics in Bang & Olufsen systems all the way from concept to finished products. This means I work with both practical problems as well as with research and developing new technology.’

‘What makes Bang & Olufsen a special place to work is the passion and ambition that drives us all. In order to succeed we need to constantly balance on the edge of the impossible. That’s why Bang & Olufsen is a great place to work if you want to explore the limits of your profession. Usually, one answered question yields three new!’


Jakob Dyreby – Acoustic Engineer, Struer, Denmark

Sussi Skovgaard Andersen

Measuring assistant, Struer, Denmark

It’s hard not to be proud to be a part of this

‘I knew some people who worked here, and they always described their workplace with pride. So I decided to apply for a job here.’ 

‘Today, I work as a measuring assistant. In addition, I also produce all the teaching material I use for training new measuring technicians.’ 

‘When I first started 12 years ago, I was on the production line. Today, I’m doing a management course. Your wishes for what direction you want to develop in are really taken seriously when you have your annual review.’ 

‘We have job safety and we work with exciting products and keep inventing new ways to manufacture them. It’s hard not to be proud to be a part of this!’

Sussi Skovgaard Andersen – measuring assistant, Struer, Denmark

Join us

Join Us

Whether you’re a sound engineer, master craftsman or designer, whether you’re working on the production line, on the shop floor, in logistics, HR or administration, you’re part of a global, learning organization continuously striving to meet and exceed customer demands to ensure the continued success of our company.

This takes a lot of effort, and this is why Bang & Olufsen people are characterized by their shared passion, pride and persistence in their work. It is on these values the success of our company relies. And if we feel we can rely on you, too, we’d be happy to include you among our ranks. So what does it feel like to work for Bang & Olufsen? In short, it feels good. It feels like family. And if you feel up to it – we’d love to hear from you.

Recruitment process

Follow the instructions for sending in your application described in the job ad. Please note that they may differ from location to location. In most cases you’ll need to have your CV, cover letter, diplomas and other relevant documents ready for upload or attachment. 

You will receive a receipt as soon as we have registered your application. After that, please allow us some time for processing and going through all applications before we invite potential candidates for interviews. In most cases you will receive either an invitation or a rejection within four weeks. Successful candidates will be called in for a second interview before a final decision is made. Once a contract has been signed we will notify the remaining candidates.

Are you curious about what we do at Bang & Olufsen, to ensure an attractive workplace for all of our employees? Then feel free to download our HR Policy. 
HR Policy

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