Bang & Olufsen Sound System

Audio performance to match the drive

The new Audi TT Coupé is equipped with audio technologies derived from Bang & Olufsen's most exclusive high-end loudspeakers. The sound system comprises 12 loudspeakers, each powered by its own amplifier channel. The system comprises of 3-way front-end set-up, with integrated ‘sealed-box dual-coil woofers in each door. This setup reduces vibration and enhances sound control.  

Beyond expectation 

The array delivers rich bass performance and sound control. With an emphasis on power-efficiency, the audio system utilizes a class-D amplifier delivering 680 watts with optimized power consumption and reduced weight. The system is equipped with VNC (Vehicle Noise Compensation), which, through the on-board microphone detects the sound reproduced and enables compensation for external and internal noise.

The Bang & Olufsen Sound System has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the Audi TT's cabin, not only through precision audio tuning, but also through imaginative detailing. The car's interior design language is enhanced by the visual detailing of the speaker grills in the doors. Here Bang & Olufsen has incorporated its “dynamic lines design”, offering improved acoustic transparency and featuring an LED illuminated edge, reflected by a protruding chamfer. 




Pictures by courtesy of Audi AG



12 fully active loudspeakers

3-way front set-up, with built-in, sealed-box, dual-coil woofers in each door to reduce vibration and enhanced sound control



14-channel DSP amplifier

Total output power 680 watts

Fraunhofer surround sound algorithm



“Dynamic Lines” design to enhance the grill transparency in order to reach even higher sound quality levels

Loudspeaker grills in each of the car’s doors with an anodized aluminum trim featuring an LED-illuminated edge



5.1 Surround Sound (only available with the MMI Navigation plus)

Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC)