Fill any room with music and let the Google Assistant* make your home living smarter, more elegant and hands-free.
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Благодарим Вас, что посетили наш сайт, и за интерес к компании Bang & Olufsen Group1.

Bang & Olufsen Group1 может связываться со мной по электронной почте, телефону, посредством SMS и онлайн-баннеров с персонализированными предложениями, сообщать о новостях, мероприятиях и конкурсах, по вопросам маркетинга и руководства, связанных с Bang & Olufsen Group1, ее продукцией в сфере телевидения, радио, электроники, программного обеспечения и энергосберегающих электронных продуктов, а также продуктов, созданных в сотрудничестве с третьими сторонами. Мы собираем и обрабатываем Ваше имя, адрес электронной почты, физический адрес (если предоставлен), номер телефона (если предоставлен), IP-адрес, географическое местоположение, файлы cookie, пиксели и другие идентификаторы, информацию о Вашем продукте B&O и Ваши отзывы относительно него, если это применимо. Bang & Olufsen Group1 может делиться моей информацией внутри компании, а также с ее поставщиками услуг, и использовать мою информацию, чтобы предоставлять мне персонализированный контент. Для этого мы будем собирать и обрабатывать Вашу контактную информацию, информацию о покупках и информацию о Вашем продукте в соответствии с нашей политикой конфиденциальности. Я могу в любое время отказаться от подписки.

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“Hey Google…”

“…What’s on my calendar today?”

“…Will I need an umbrella today?”

“…Play some music.”

“…Turn it up.”

Google Assistant

Have your hands full with other things? No problem. Just say the words “Hey Google” and ask for your favourite playlist, to hear the latest news or your local weather report.
That’s the sound of nearly a century of audio expertise. No matter how smart, we still believe the sound experience is the essential part of any speaker. With Beosound 2 we are setting new acoustic standards for the wireless speaker system.
Beosound 2 delivers stellar sound performance. Applying our Acoustic Lens Technology into the conical speaker body creates a 360-degree sound experience that fills the entire room from anywhere you place the speaker.

The Acoustic Lens Technology spreads the high frequencies horizontally around the room, while reducing reflections from the floor and ceiling, so the sound performance remains unchanged – and always ideal.
The sound performance of Beosound 2 is truly impressive. The exposed tweeter with the acoustical lens is paired with a 5 ¼ inch woofer and dual 2-inch midrange drivers deliver crisp highs and solid lows, even when pushed to the limits.
We used the wide base of Beosound 2 to fit a surprisingly large bass driver that delivers incredibly rich and accurate bass to your music. Our acoustic engineers cleverly decided to place the driver upside down, letting the bass spread evenly across your room.
Designed for flexibility. Delivering the morning news from the kitchen table or playing discreetly from the living room floor. With its clean lines and small footprint, Beosound 2 has a flexible and adaptable design that fits in everywhere in your home.
Beosound 2 is crafted in high-grade aluminium with incredible attention to detail. But our reasons for using aluminium go well beyond aesthetics. It also provides superior acoustic properties thanks to its material stiffness and seamless surfaces that eliminate any distortion of your sound.

The conic aluminium bodies hover slightly above the ground, letting the thumps of the bass units out beneath. They are slightly open at the top for acoustical reasons, but apart from that you are met with a uniform expression on the surface - so what you experience is solidness and a design that has been reduced with precision. And, when you look closer at the structures of the aluminium you get the sense that this has been made by hand, almost formed like an instrument.

Aluminium is a signature material of ours, and it was not chosen purely from a design perspective; but because a closed aluminium cabinet provides the best acoustic properties thanks to material stiffness, avoidance of dissonance from joints and corners, and the elimination of distortion.
So easy to use and always ready to play. Beosound 2 is a truly flexible music system. It virtually streams anything, connects seamlessly with other speakers and can be controlled by your voice, your touch or your device.
Use all your preferred streaming services. Answer calls without interrupting your music. Streaming over wifi with Chromecast built-in or Apple AirPlay 2 means that nothing stands between your music and Beosound 2. Naturally, it also supports Bluetooth.
Beosound 2 plays beautifully on its own, but we also designed it to play well with other compatible wireless speakers. Easily integrate Beosound 2 into your multiroom setup with Chromecast built-in or Apple AirPlay 2.
Use the touch-sensitive wheel to perform all the essential controls of your listening experience. The integrated proximity sensor automatically detects your position, which allows for uniform and intuitive operation from any direction.

Wireless Speaker Systems

Set the music free in your entire home with the Bang & Olufsen Multiroom collection.
Each one designed to bring unique style to every room.

Beosound 1 and 2 aluminium with light grey background - Tablet - Bang & Olufsen
Portable or extra powerful? Playing solo or together? Beosound 1 and Beosound 2 are designed for flexible living and each bring their own distinct personality to your surroundings. Pick the one that suits you best.
*Google and Chromecast are trademarks of Google LLC.


Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers
Weight & Dimensions
4.1 kg
19.6 x 43.1 cm W x H
Wireless networks
Wi-Fi/WLAN 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz)
Bluetooth 4.2
Power amplifiers
1 x 40 watt class D for tweeter
2 x 11 watt class D for mid-range
2 x 20 watt class D for woofer
Speaker drivers
1 x ¾" tweeter
2 x 2" mid-range
1 x 5 ¼" woofer
1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
1 x 3.5 mm mini jack line-in with sense
Streaming formats
Apple AirPlay 2
Chromecast built-in*
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
QPlay 2.0 (China specific)
*market dependent
Remote control options
Bang & Olufsen app
BeoSound Essence Remote
Cabinet principle
Closed box