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Matthew Williams, 1017 ALYX 9SM Alyx Creative Director Design Story

We met Matthew Williams, 1017 ALYX 9SM Creative Director in Paris ahead of his runway show for the presentation of the FW20 Collection. We talked about how he fuels his creativity and how our collaboration was born.

Поделитесь, пожалуйста, своими размышлениями по поводу музыки и моды – и о том, как они взаимодействуют.

Для меня музыка действительно всегда была связана с модой. Я хочу сказать, что по-настоящему мода начала вдохновлять меня, когда я гулял и смотрел, как люди одеваются, идя в клубы и на концерты, – и для меня эти два аспекта действительно имели сильную связь. Каждый из них в некотором смысле одинаково вдохновляет другой. Таким образом, они тесно взаимодействуют. Музыка очень вдохновляет мою коллекцию, будь то песни, люди, создающие и поющие песни, или ребята, которые ходят на шоу – это все очень тесно связано.

Есть ли какие-то определенные музыкальные треки или исполнители, которые вдохновляют Вас больше всего?

Это связано с определенными периодами на протяжении ряда лет, Вы понимаете, что я имею в виду…? Это всегда разные исполнители, и да, меня вдохновляли разные исполнители, такие как рэпер Playboi Carti, Morrissey из The Smiths и даже Mick Jagger – так что да, очень много вдохновляющих личностей. Также, например, Iggy Pop – он такой классный.

Какую музыку Вы слушали на протяжении многих лет, и как изменился Ваш подход к дизайну одежды и творческим задачам?

Мне действительно повезло, потому что мой отец серьезно увлекался музыкой, поэтому я с детства рос в окружении винила и проигрываемых записей. Таким образом, я слушал все: от соула до блюза, рока и регги, а затем я увлекся рэп-музыкой, когда жил в Калифорнии в 90-х годах. А потом, когда я впервые попал в Европу, я стал больше слушать техно. Итак, у меня есть огромный привнесенный вкус в мою любовь к музыке. Можно, так сказать, выделить периоды, когда меня интересуют определенные жанры и исполнители, но я всегда в некотором смысле переключаюсь между разными музыкальными стилями. Сейчас мне также нравится, например, Афропоп. 

  • Matthew Williams
  • Matthew Williams holding the Alyx mini-bag

Watch the interview with Matthew below


In terms of the collab between Alyx and B&O how did it start and what are the synergies between those two things?

I met with the team at the Copenhagen fashion summit, and we really had a lot of shared visions. When that happens, the conversation becomes really fluid so our dialogue became really strong. I've always been a fan of B&O my entire life so it was just a dream to find a way to work on something together. I think definitely the synergies are craftsmanship with all the amazing finishes that you guys do with metal.  I also think that commitment to making products that are timeless and last forever are a quality that we share. 

Can you tell a little about the design process in terms of designing the Alyx Beoplay E8 motion in together with B&O?

We wanted to really merge the design language of both of our companies and I think that both Bang & Olufsen and Alyx are known for their work with metal, and anodizing and finishing. I felt that was a great way to link the two brands. We also added the graphic branding of our buckle on the case, which I think worked out really well. 

  • The iconic 1017 ALYX 9SM Buckle.

What is the buckle (Alyx iconic symbol) inspired by?

I mean, it has a double and triple entendre, but first, I just like it as an object and it's sculptural shape. The fact that it's made at a place that doesn't make things for fashion, I think, gives it an unseen value. I always remember this documentary where Stanley Kubrick talks about having clothes in the closets of rooms and scenes that nobody ever even sees, but there's this kind of unseen energy that makes its way into the screen through that. I feel the same way about the buckle being made in a way and at a place that's more mechanical with a company that makes engine parts. There is a weight and a sound to it that maybe somebody wouldn't know is why they gravitate to it, but their senses do. And then there’s the fact that I discovered it at six flags magic mountain when I was taking my family there. That's the place in California that you go for graduation or a birthday, or you might kiss a girl for the first time, or get over your fear of heights. So, it kind of represents for me, a place of transition, of being a child in your teen. I like that idea of transition and so it meant those things for me as well. 

Which role does the buckle in the collection?

I think the buckle is really like branding now, obviously we will make it functional as much as possible, but it's just like our logo at this point.

  • Matthew Williams in his studio
  • Beoplay E8 Motion Alyx detail
  • Matthew Williams before the runway show
  • Matthew Williams portrait

How would you describe the craftsmanship of your brand? How do you wave with different kinds of materials?

Well, the exciting thing about fashion is each category takes a lifetime to master, so we're always working and learning new things about shoes, knitwear, leather, tailoring, jersey, jewelry and the list goes on forever. So as we get better and more proficient in each process and build our language with certain materials, there become North Star goals that we really go for and sometimes those developments can take one, two, three years before they finally make their way in the collection. So, from a craftsmanship perspective we're constantly experimenting and trying things and they make their way into the collection when they can. I like to say that Alyx is modern craftsmanship. We use technology when we can or, we do with sustainability to create a new way of doing modern craft and I hope it's apparent when you touch and feel the clothes.

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