Livestream with Soleima & LiveStrings  Music Matters Holiday Special

Bang & Olufsen is giving you the gift of music this holiday season with a special livestream concert – featuring Danish musician, Soleima, 20th December, 8 pm CET, performing at Hotel Ottilia in Copehagen, Denmark. Tune in here.

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Upcoming Danish musician
Featuring Soleima

Fresh from a US tour, Danish musician, Soleima will bring her eclectic, razor-sharp pop sensibility to Bang & Olufsen’s Music Matters live performance series. Starting out in an underground Danish hip hop collective, Soleima’s restless creative journey has led her across numerous genres and styles, and made her an emerging international artist – with some of her tracks featuring on Netflix series Love & Anarchy, and ABC’s Station 19, and rocketing up through millions of plays on Spotify.

Q&A with Soleima

Q: Why is music an important factor in your life — what does it give you besides being your profession? ​

A:  ​Music has always played an important role in my life. I started my first band in primary school with six friends, and together we learned how to write, release and play music as young kids. Growing up we got our first record deal together and started playing concerts. I think meeting people though music, collaborating and creating together like this is one of my favorite parts of it all. 

Q: Many artists talk about that the music they release is a mirror of what stage in life they are in — Can you try to express how your music and you as a person is related  when you write/create new music? ​ 

A: ​ I think it is almost impossible to separate yourself from the music you release. For me at least, that is the case. My songs are not always about one specific experience from my own life, but it is always about some emotion I am going though at the time. This can be in a very direct way, like a relationship with somebody but it can also be just a subtle and abstract part of an emotion.  

​Q: Tell us about the creative process in creating your new album,  Powerslide. ​ 

A:​ Writing Powerslide has been a very long process. After releasing my first EP I started traveling a lot writing songs with people in LA and London. Before that I had mainly been writing with my friends back in DK or on my own, so that was both a scary and exciting new work process. But I think I got a little confused in it all and I needed to come back to writing more on my own. So many of the songs from ‘Powerslide’ is actually written like that. It’s a very personal album for me, about loosing self-control and partly self-love and working hard to regain it. In that way it is kind of a self-therapeutic album. ​ 

Q: How would you describe your genre and the music you create?​ 

A:​ My friend once called my music ‘Garage-pop’. I kind of like that description. Think it has to do with the combination of electronic and organic elements often used in my productions.  

Q: It’s a tricky question, but what is your  favourite  song from your new album and why? ​ 

A: ​Haha, a classic quostion. Of course I love them all and it is kind of picking one of your children over another I guess. But I do love some of the slower songs on the album a lot. The ones there dosen’t get to become singles. ‘Stop’, a song about trying to slow down time, is a personal favorite.   

Q: Can you namedrop other festive songs or artists, which you would recommend other music lovers to  look into  this holiday? ​ 

A:  ​Of course, always love to namedrop. School of X is a new very exciting artist. His genre is very fluent and his lyrics so beautiful. Also Erica de Casier is someone to look out for. Her music is so special and its very own genre almost.  

Q: Which songs during this time of year get you in the festive mood? ​ 

A:  Lol. I think my favorite x-mas song is Joni Mitchells ‘Rivers’. I know it is kind of a Christmas haters song, and I actually really like Christmas a lot. But it is just such a beautiful track. It goes right to the feels every time.   

LiveStrings - Photo by Emil Monty Freddie

String Quartet
Special guest LiveStrings

Soleima will be joined by LiveStrings – a string quartet who have worked with some of the most influential musicians, working now, including Kanye West, Michael Bublé, Lukas Graham, and many more. LiveStrings will specially interpret Soleima’s music, and perform a selection of festive classics.

Season’s greetings from all of us here in chilly Denmark – keep safe, and stay cozy.

Bang & Olufsen Team

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