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A livingroom with a dining table and a sofa area and Beovision Harmony, Beolab 50 and Beolab 90

Home Theatre Systems

Creating the ultimate cinematic experience in your home

Hearing is believing. Because, when it’s played just right, sound has the incredible ability to transport you from your living room to a packed stadium, to the bottom of the ocean – or a galaxy far far away.

Hear. See. Feel Remastering the home cinema experience

Discover the thrill of upgrading a Beovision TV with our stunning speakers and creating your own home cinema experience. Your possibilities are endless, and the experience is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face.

The Cinematic Experience by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is different from most other brands as we design our products to work together as a fully integrated system. Like the digital sound processor inside a Beovision TV, which ‘knows’ the exact capabilities of all the other products in the room. This enables your TV to optimise the sound distribution automatically – not only to your configuration but also to your room, your listening positions, and your content. That way, you can enjoy a music system and a television and a home theatre system; all in one package.


Sound that gives you the feeling of being there

Your home cinema experience starts with authentic, powerful sound that puts you right in the stands with thousands of cheering fans or behind the wheel mid-car chase. When you hear it right, you will feel it too.


Freedom to expand your system over time

When choosing your home theatre speakers, choose quality over quantity. Bang & Olufsen Beolab speakers will bring you decades of enjoyment, giving you the option to expand your system over time. Rest assured, your experience will be stellar from day one for both movies and music.


Choose the look that matches your home

Selecting speakers and TVs from Bang & Olufsen allows you to customise their appearance by handpicking your preferred materials and colour palettes. You can even integrate them into your smart home control system for a seamless experience.


Decorate your space with beautiful sound

Our home theatre products are built to bring years of unparalleled performance. This long-term commitment demands enduring designs that retain their visual appeal through changing trends and interior styles. Our answer is the same as ever: Originality and authenticity.

「Bang & Olufsen 致力於提供真正符合電影原意的劇院體驗,因此我們盡我們所能,確保您能準確地看到和聽到電影想要呈現的每一個畫面與聲音。」

Geoff Martin





Beolab 揚聲器音效


每增添一組揚聲器,輕輕鬆鬆就能讓家庭劇院體驗更為震撼。主動式 Beolab 揚聲器可以直接透過有線或無線方式連線到 Beovision 電視,不需要獨立接收器或擴大機。 有了主動式空間補償、音束寬度控制和 Acoustic Lens Technology (聲波透鏡技術) 等智慧功能,就算沙發或揚聲器的擺放位置不盡完美,還是能享有絕佳的環繞音效。


Beovision 電視音效


Beovision 電視專為提供卓越的聲學性能而設計。強大的 3 聲道揚聲器不僅能提供優秀出眾立體聲性能,還能清晰地重現語音。 在環繞配置中,內建低音管理功能確保要求較高的低頻音效一律會發送到最強大有力的揚聲器。而且因具備 True Image 技術,音效能自動升混或降混成當下使用的揚聲器數量。




Bang & Olufsen 家庭劇院系統不僅能讓您在客廳沙發享受優秀的電影體驗, 還能讓您在餐廳看新聞。電視螢幕會自動轉向您,也會自動啟用最近的兩個揚聲器。播放音樂時,只要選擇播放列表,就能從最強大有力的揚聲器播放音樂。有著無限視聽的可能。 Bang & Olufsen 安裝程式將會協助您從發想到規劃一一完成設定,成功融入居家。之後只要在 Beoremote One 選擇儲存好的情境,例如「餐廳電視」、「沙發電影」或「客廳音樂」,就能為各種情境打造最完美的視聽體驗。

Learn more about the possibilities at your local dealer


Bang & Olufsen 能根據您的特定需求與喜好,為每個住家提供獨一無二的解決方案。歡迎與我們的經銷商洽詢,他們會為您提供相關建議。這三個範例說明了 Bang & Olufsen 如何客製不同的劇院體驗。

Beovision Harmony product image


Beovision 電視是家庭劇院體驗的基石。提供整合式 3 聲道立體聲配置,就算只有一台電視,也能享有清晰語音,以及出人意料的飽滿立體聲性能。Beovision Harmony 提供各種尺寸規格。

Beovision Harmony and a pair of Beolab 50


想像您現在在一場演唱會,歌手高亢的歌聲從舞台中央向您襲來,配樂飽滿豐盈,充滿整個會場。多加一組前置揚聲器,就能將 Beovision 電視做為中央聲道,立即將音場延伸到螢幕觸及範圍之外,感受更盛大的聲音饗宴。

Beovision Harmony and pair of Beolab 90 and a pair of Beolab 50




You should never have to decorate your home around a set of speakers just because they need to be in a particular spot to perform well. At Bang & Olufsen, we instead invite you to complement your existing interiors with beautiful sound. In the places, styles, and colours that you prefer.

Oak wood for the speaker and television panels

See before you choose

Curious about how the Beovision Eclipse will look in your living room? Or whether the Beolab 18 looks better standing on the floor or hanging on your wall? Your answer is right at hand.

Download the free B&O AR Experience app to test out your different style and placement options.

The wooden grill on Beovision Harmony

Define your preferred look and feel

Do you prefer exclusive fabrics or timeless aluminium? Warm bronze or sleek silvery tones? Walnut or smoked oak? Part of the appeal in choosing Bang & Olufsen is the unique opportunity to tie your room and your products together through customisation. 

For a bespoke one-of-a-kind solution, don’t hesitate to speak with your Bang & Olufsen dealer about your wishes.

Beovision Harmony with wooden front in closed stage

Every place is the right place

Thanks to the patented technologies and flexible sound staging capabilities, you don’t need to put too much thought into the placement of your Beolab speakers. And because they come in so many different designs and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect ones for your home. Your Bang & Olufsen dealer is always happy to assist.

Beovision Harmony 88" in Bronze-Wallnut and a Beolab 90 in Bronze in a living room
 Beovision Harmony Bronze and Walnut detail


Sound that deserves to be seen

The design-driven ethos of Bang & Olufsen goes as far back as our audio heritage when we developed our very first cinema sound system in the late 1920s. Making products that last for years, often decades, the design and craftsmanship invariably become every bit as important as performance. It should only take a brief encounter to realise the level of craft and care that’s put into every Bang & Olufsen product. Its appearance; often closer to classic furniture than cutting-edge technology. Its materials; authentic, tactile and exclusive, often allowing you the opportunity to select your personal combinations.


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