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Beoplay Charging Pad

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Beoplay Charging Pad   Easy Qi-wireless charging

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This charging pad is a Bang & Olufsen premium Qi-certified wireless charger. The elegant blend of luxurious materials lets the charging pad elegantly integrate with your daily life.

Effortlessly power your lifestyle

Designed to seamlessly partner with Beoplay E8 3rd gen earphones and their charging case, this wireless charger will quickly and efficiently charge your Qi-enabled phone too. Place your devices on the leather surface and return to your busy lifestyle as Beoplay Charging Pad revitalizes batteries.

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Wireless charging anywhere

Beoplay Charging Pad connects to a power source via a standard USB-C and will power iPhones, Android and other handsets. Place on your beside table to charge batteries overnight, add to your desk or kitchen to power your devices as you work, or slide it into your overnight bag for an elegant solution to wireless charging on your next hotel stay.

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