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Beosound Level  Portable WiFi Speaker

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Superior sound in a minimalist, portable design with up to 16 hours of battery life. Beosound Level reinvents flexible home audio.

A Portable WiFi Speaker

Superior sound that's made to move

Any room. Any position. Any moment. Beosound Level lets you move with your music in new ways at home, without ever compromising on sound quality. Enjoy a flawless listening experience in beautiful, portable form.

Beosound Level Gold Tone - Light Oak placed upright on a marble table in a living room

Superior Sound
Adaptable acoustics

A powerful five-driver set up delivers immersive, full-range sound that adapts based on the speaker's orientation. Discover dynamic bass when laid flat, unmatched clarity when upright or an enveloping soundstage when wall mounted. Active room compensation enables Beosound Level to adapt audio quality to complement any space – whether big, small, busy or sparse. The result: a clear, detailed listening experience at all times.

Beosound Level Natural - Dark Grey laid down on a marble table

360-degree sound

Laying Down

On its back, Beosound Level becomes the focal point. The speaker automatically expands the width of the sound to reach everyone, everywhere in the room.

 Beosound Level Natural - Dark Grey placed upright on a wooden table in a living room

Rich, diffused sound

Standing Up

Enjoy detailed and diffused sound when Beosound Level is placed upright. The speaker opens up the soundstage for a rich stereo experience in front of it.

Wall-mounted Beosound Level Natural - Dark Grey in a bright room

Clear, immersive sound

Hanging on the wall

An optional wall bracket elevates Beosound Level to a new place. When hung on the wall, the speaker projects flawless, room-filling sound while charging.

Beosound Level Gold Tone - Light Oak placed upright on a table during breakfast

Dynamic Design
Compact and perfectly portable

With a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired design, Beosound Level has been created with aesthetics, practicality and durability at its core. A smoothly integrated handle ensures easy pick up while IP54 dust and splash resistance means you can place it anywhere with confidence. With up to 16 hours of battery life, this elegant speaker is designed to enhance whichever room it's moved to.

Connected speakers Beosound Level Beosound 2

Connected SpeakersSounds better together

Beosound Level is part of Connected Speakers, a simple and seamless way to stream music throughout your home using Chromecast or Airplay.

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Build your ideal setup
Add another beosound level

The versatile pair

Immersive stereo sound that comes with you

Set up a stereo pair in the office or kitchen, with Beosound Level. A minimalist, versatile design that looks at home wherever you place it. Music where you want to be.

Add a beosound stage

Thrilling home entertainment

Add Dolby Atmos sound to your TV

Walk into a living room primed for entertainment, with Beosound Stage. A powerful soundbar that connects to your speaker setup as well as your TV.

Add Beoplay A9 and Beosound Balance

Create a masterful setup

Music at the heart of your home

Add luxury to your lounge or dining room with the graceful Beosound Balance, designed to be placed anywhere. Or create a focal point with the iconic Beosound A9.

 Detail view of the aluminium frame and wood cover of Beosound Level Gold Tone - Light Oak

Crafted to last

Every part of Beosound Level has been chosen with longevity in mind. From the premium aluminium frame crafted in Denmark, to a modular design that allows for replacement batteries, changeable fabric and wood covers, and more. Sustainability and traceability are reflected in the adaptability of the core design, as well as in materials such as our high-performance polymer.

Beosound Level is the first ever Cradle to Cradle Certified® speaker in the consumer electronics industry, which demonstrates our commitment to designing for increasing product life-cycle duration and reducing environmental impact.

Seamless, stylish charging

Enjoy easy, elegant charging with a seamless circular plug. Magnetically clicking into a depression to the speaker's rear, it's a satisfying experience in and of itself.

 Beosound Level Natural - Dark grey placed on a wall bracket
Beosound Level Wall Bracket

Beosound Level Wall Bracket

An attractive, optional wall mount for Beosound Level offers instantly elegant charging. Once locked in place, the speaker powers up ready for the next move.


Detail view of the touch controls in Beosound Level Natural - Dark Grey

Flexible Interactions
Intelligent integrated controls

Interact with Beosound Level via discreet, soft-touch buttons seamlessly integrated into the aluminium frame. An integrated proximity sensor allows the control surface to appear only when needed and to gently dim after use. A light sensor ensures the right brightness at all times.

Your voice. Your experience. Your convenience.

Get more done and enjoy music at home with just your voice, thanks to Beosound Level with the Google Assistant. Play your favorite music, control volume and find information about the song that you are listening to, hands-free.

You can also plan your day, set alarms and control smart devices around your home - just by using your voice. If you want discretion, simply slide the button on the top surface of Beosound Level to turn off Voice control completely.

*The Google Assistant is available only in specific countries and languages. *Google is a trademark of Google LLC

Google Assistant slightly bigger

  • Beosound Level Natural - Dark Grey in a bedroom
  • Top view of Beosound Level Natural - Dark Grey laid down on a marble surface
Included in the box

Included in the box

Beosound Level Fabric or Polymer USB-C charging cable Easy Charge Solution Quick start guide

Find the right speaker for you

Beosound Level portable, Wi-Fi design speaker in Dark Grey
Beosound LevelFrom €1,299
Beosound Balance naturaloak
Beosound BalanceFrom €2,299
Product Variant - beoplay-a9-gva-mk4-goldtone-eu-hero
Beoplay A9From €2,999
Recommended Room Size

10-50 m² 100-500 ft²

10-80 m² 100-800 ft²

15-100 m² 150-1000 ft²

Advanced Sound Features

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Position-depended sound staging Thermal Protection

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Beam Direction Control (three sides) Beam Width Control Thermal Protection

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Thermal Protection

Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m

96 dB SPL

104 dB SPL

100 dB SPL

Bass Capability

79 dB SPL

88 dB SPL

95 dB SPL

PortableavailableNot AvailableNot Available
Battery Life

Up to 16 hours



Reviews from the experts

”The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level is the prettiest and best-sounding wireless streaming speaker I’ve encountered that operates on both AC and battery power.
"The Beosound Level is an object of beauty and cool design, but it’s not just a pretty face. (...) The sound quality is sublime and beautifully tuned for almost any genre of music."
"Whether it’s the primary system for a smaller space or a musical sidekick for leisure listening, the Beosound Level is a sonic and aesthetic overachiever in the world of wireless speakers."
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