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Bang & Olufsen and AS MONACO

Bringing the sound of Monaco to life

Don't miss out on the action! We invited international stars Caio Henrique and Krépin Diatta, and a selected group of guests for an evening of football frenzy, fun, and unforgettable memories ahead off the AS Monaco vs PSG game.

outside the Monaco store

The event

In the heart of Monaco, an extraordinary event unfolded – a convergence of sportsmanship, technology, and the power of music. As the doors of our store opened to welcome guests, the stage was set for an immersive gaming experience, where our guests had the opportunity to test their skills against the footballing prowess of two of AS Monaco's finest. But this event was more than just a showcase of talent; it was an opportunity for connection and conversation powered by the sound of Bang & Olufsen speakers. Following the gaming sessions, our guests took part in a short Q&A session with the players speaking eloquently about how music plays a part in their life and how the team are preparing for the all-important clash against PSG.

  • Monaco player with kid signing autograph
  • Store display
  • 2 guests at the store event
  • guests at the event
  • guests at the event
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  • Football player
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"As a football player, I thrive on precision, strategy, and the tenacity of the game. And for me, there’s one way I get into the zone. By putting on headphones and turning up the volume on my favourite playlists. It’s in this space I find my focus,  It’s the perfect way for me to get game-ready.”

Caio Henrique

AS Monaco Left Back

Image from the stadium lounge

On Match Day

We created a unique sound experience in the AS Monaco VIP lounges at the Louis II Stadium, with a sound experience powered by our Beolab 28s and Beolab 8s, alongside the Art of A9 display exhibition.

Beovision Harmony in the monaco store

Gaming for all the senses

If you want to enjoy gaming as an immersive high-quality visual and sensorial experience, you have to try it on our most impressive television set up: Beovision Harmony.

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