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Hear in full colour

Atelier Limited Editions

Image of the Beoplay EX earphones in the limited Hazy Blue Atelier Edition

Ultra-rare, and we mean it. Carefully curated, just like your daily soundtrack. And that colour? It’s all you. Only a limited number of each of the Atelier Editions are available, with new drops coming later in the year. Secure yours now.

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Engineered for expression

The Atelier Editions is the meeting point of form, function, and fashion. Now with a hit of colour. The fine details are settled here in Denmark, checked by hand and eye. The final touch? We anodise the aluminium so it shines as much as the sound. This is a gem you won’t want to keep hidden.

  • Image of a man wearing Beoplay EX Atelier Limited Editions earbuds in the colour Dawn purple
  • Beoplay ex earbuds in nothern sky turqouise
  • Image of the Beoplay EX earbud charging case, closed, in the limited Atelier Edition colour Lilac Purple
  • Animation with palme leaves and the Beosound 2 Atelier Limited Editions speaker in the colour Gradient Green
  • Beoplay EX Atelier Editions earbuds and case in the colour Lime Green
  • Animation with pineapples and Beoplay EX Atelier Limited Edition in the colour Pineapple Yellow
  • Image of the lower part of a Beosound 2 speaker in the colour Northern sky Turqouise
  • Animation of peaches and the Atelier Limited Edition Beoplay EX earbuds in the colour Peach Pink
  • Detail image of Beosound Level speaker in the limited Atelier Editions colour Lilac Twilight
  • Beosound 2 3rd gen limited edition in the colour daybreak
Detail image of the Beoplay EX earphone case in the limited Atelier Hazy Blue edition colour

Beoplay EX Hazy Blue

Available online and in select Bang & Olufsen stores.

Image of the Beoplay EX earphones and case in the limited Atelier Hazy Blue colour

Clouds clear and light appears – in hues of Hazy Blue. Rather than the bold azure of summer, Hazy Blue is inspired by the shifting spring sky. Misty. Dreamy. Shimmery. The last whisper of winter’s chill remains, but the sun shines through with a promise: blue skies ahead.

Put the world on pause for a moment – or up to eight hours on a single charge. Beoplay EX Hazy Blue is your high-fidelity retreat in the time of blossoms. Advanced noise cancellation. Sound as lush as May foliage. And those spring showers? Don’t worry, Beoplay EX Hazy Blue is fully waterproof too.

The product is sold out online.

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