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From the people who made it

The making of Beosound Theatre

Discover from the people who made the Beosound Theatre how it reinvents the home cinema experience – offering all the power, clarity and immersion of a multi-speaker setup, but from one single soundbar. We look behind the scenes to see how this beautifully crafted, revolutionary design was created.

Game-changing design: power and beauty in one sleek shape

Inspired by the shape of a boat’s keel, Besound Theatre is both sturdy and sleek. It appears lighter than it really is, as if resting on an aluminium blade, and because the TV screen is mounted through its centre, half the depth is hidden – minimising the space while maximising the acoustic volume.

Material choices: style and sustainability, united

Made with materials as beautiful as they are durable, Beosound Theatre is proof that good things last. The timeless touch of aluminium, crafted in our Denmark factory, is married with solid oak or fabric covers that you can change, upgrade and evolve over time, so it fits naturally in any home.

Wood with character

We use premium solid oak, sourced responsibly in Scandinavia and worked in a family-run sawmill in Denmark that already produces several furniture design classics, combining traditional methods with modern techniques. Built for longevity, it has a unique warmth and depth.

The perfect metal

Strong, flexible, light, tough and corrosion resistant, aluminium is the perfect metal for our products. We source only the highest quality from Germany, which is then formed, polished, anodized and milled all under one roof at our Denmark factory for the ultimate finish.

“The difference with the Beosound Theatre is that you are not trapped by it. You can add external speakers. You can upgrade it as you need to in the future.“

Geoff Martin

Sr. Specialist Sound Designer

The best sound, for generations

Beosound Theatre is designed with a modular approach, for easy upgradability. And because we know how quickly technology changes, we have added extra memory and processing capacity. The future sounds good.

  • Beosound Theatre detail in gold tone
  • Beosound Theatre in gold
  • Beosound Theatre in light oak
  • Beoremote in aluminium

One-of-a-kind Beosound Theatre?

Make Besound Theatre your own with a range of materials and finishes that cater to any taste, any screen size and any room. And it is designed to be updatable and upgradeable for your future needs too.

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