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A meeting of minds

CLOT X Bang & Olufsen

Meet the Beosound A1 CLOT Edition, the result of Bang & Olufsen’s new partnership with Hong Kong-based lifestyle brand CLOT: creating magic for the way we live today…

Beosound A1 Clot edition with female model in a striking red pleated dress

At Bang & Olufsen, we’ve always sought to build meaningful connections – which is why collaborating with CLOT makes such perfect sense. The brand’s outlook and philosophy makes it a natural partner for Bang & Olufsen. Founded in Hong Kong in 2003 by Chinese actor and pop star Edison Chen and tastemaker Kevin Poon, CLOT bridges the cultures of East and West, spanning fashion, music and lifestyle through its own line of products. As they explain it, ‘CLOT is about more than just clothes… it’s a creative moment that celebrates individuality and injects life and character to the local culture.’

Music gets my engine running and gets me to release from the everyday stress and pressure (…), even closing your eyes and just listening to music sometimes you can see a lot of things.

Edison Chen

Co-founder, CLOT

Beyond the collaboration

Streetwise but sophisticated, CLOT’s distinctive visual style marries with our commitment to cutting through the noise to deliver sound with a new vision. Our approach is always to collaborate with designers who think differently: because they spur us on to find new, more efficient, more elegant solutions. That way, the end product is always better than we could have imagined alone. By always embracing the new and being challenged to explore unexpected ideas, we ensure we’re always designing for the future rather than reinventing the past – and creating magic in the process.

Beosound A1 Clot frontal view
Beosound A1 cloth in hand of a model wearing a red suit
Beosound a1 clot edition model

The Beosound A1 CLOT Edition

The Beosound A1 CLOT Edition comes in a limited edition, eye-catching red colourway, stamped with the familiar CLOT logo over the speaker grill – a true symbol of discerning taste. The detailing includes a black leather strap with matching black anthracite tag bearing both the Bang & Olufsen and CLOT marques. We’ve always felt that our own design sensibilities – quietly confident, never straying over the border into the brashness too easily associated with Western culture – fits seamlessly with more elusive Eastern values. Likewise, CLOT appeals to a global audience through its recognition that true style transcends the vagaries of fashion trends.

Beosound A1 2nd gen Clot Edition in red frontal full view

Beosound A1 Clot Limited edition


A new, collectable classic

In seeking to produce a new, collectable classic, it felt right to focus on the Beosound A1 2nd Gen speaker. Portable, fully waterproof and dust (or sand!) resistant, and with True360 omnidirectional sound, it’s been refined, updated and upgraded to reflect the way we live today, without ever compromising on quality. Designed to be shareable with everyone, the Multipoint feature allows two devices to connect to it at the same time, to control the tunes wherever you are. Not only is it fully compatible with the integrated Alexa voice assistant, it also doubles as a speakerphone, utilising Bluetooth 5.1 and three internal microphones to give you the very best hands-free call service – whether you’re in the office, relaxing at home or on the beach.

  • Beosound a1 clot edition frontal view
  • Beousound A1 clot edition with box
  • Beosound A1 Clot side view
  • Beosound A1 Clot edition detail on cord

For instant access to your favourite tunes... in style

Suffice to say, the new Beosound A1 CLOT Edition is the epitome of both brands’ attitude towards music and design. It’s there to make your world that little bit better, without ever getting in the way; delivering those elusive goose-bump moments when everything combines for the perfect combination of technology, class and emotion. It’s about instant access to your favourite music, wherever you are, whenever you want it.

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