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Interview with Caroline Wozniacki

From her new home in Miami

We caught up with our brand ambassador Caroline about upcoming projects, her brand new home in the exclusive Fisher Island neighbourhood in Miami, and how she balances family and professional life following her successful tennis career.

 Caroline Wozniacki in her home in Miami with Beovision Harmony

What projects do you have coming up?

"After officially retiring from professional tennis after almost two decades, I’ve transitioned into a career commentating and hosting broadcasts of matches such as the Grand Slam, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, the US Open, and local events here in Miami. It has been a great experience so far, letting me keep up with my passion for the sport, while giving me more time with my growing family.

Towards the end of the year I’ll be able to share details on a few exciting projects in the works that are currently under wraps!"

  • Beolab 50 in bespoke bronze
  • Beosound Theatre and Beolab 28 in TV room

What are your first memories of Bang & Olufsen?

"Bang & Olufsen is one of Denmark’s most iconic brands, one that every Danish child grows up knowing and living with. My earliest memories of the brand were when my family would gather around our Bang & Olufsen television to watch soccer and F1 on weekends. These memories are particularly special to me because they brought our family closer together and of course because now that I’ve built a career around professional sports. Now that I am older, I understand how privileged we were to have the ultimate luxury TV for our ‘sports weekends. I’m so glad my children will get the same experience - one of my favourite things about Bang & Olufsen is the brand’s ability to transcend generations due to its long and rich heritage as a brand."

Caroline Wozniacki spacious living room
Bar area in Caroline Wozniacki  home

When first designing your new home, what was your inspiration?

"The design aesthetics between Miami and Scandinavia are quite different, but David and I were determined to find a way to fuse the two styles in our new home. The gorgeous Bang & Olufsen products seen around the home were just one of the ways we brought my Danish heritage into the space in an artful and practical way."

We know that your interior designer collaborated closely with our team to create bespoke products for your space. What was that like?

"We worked closely with Bang & Olufsen’s Bespoke team to match the products to our vision of a minimalist, modern Miami look - from the speaker fabrics all the way down to the metal finishes. I can’t speak highly enough of working with the Bang & Olufsen team, from the early conception of the home all the way to installation and troubleshooting once we were living among the products. There was no problem that was too big, no question that was too silly, and the final custom products completely exceeded our expectations."

Beosound Shape in Caroline's home theatre

Were there any areas of the home, where you wanted to prioritise the audio?

"David and I both love movies. For us the home theatre is something we enjoy every night, especially now that we do not have time to go to movie theatres regularly . In fact, we both agree the sound and immersive experience of our home theatre is better than being in a theatre!"

What is your favourite part of living with Bang & Olufsen?

"I can’t pick one.I’ll go for two, the stunning sound that comes in the most beautiful form. I thought I knew what good sound was, but now that we live with Bang & Olufsen, I understand what this really means, I’m just blown away. I love the fact that we didn’t need to choose between design and sound quality, which is usually the case, with Bang & Olufsen you can have both."

  • Couple image
  • Sitting room in Caroline Wozniacki home

Was there anything surprising to you when it comes to the custom installation process?

"We were completely naive to the amount of work and wiring that goes into setting up a fully custom integrated home, but it was completely worth it. We can’t believe how easy it is to control the televisions, speakers, lights, and shades at the touch of a button, it really is the ultimate luxury. The Halo remote in particular is a real marvel and game changer - it is a beautiful product and so easy to use to customise every aspect of the home depending on the time of day, our moods, or activities. With just a touch we can adjust everything in the home, our friends are constantly asking about it as it is clearly the new definition of luxury and a new way of living."

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"I’m so thrilled every time we have friends over to see their reactions, they are almost always shocked the speakers aren’t in fact sculptures, they really do look more like works of art!"

Caroline Wozniacki

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