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Jo Nagasaka, Architect

Design Stories

“When I get to know a new thing, inevitably I face a challenge which prompts me to create something new.” The prolific architect Jo Nagasaka tells us how dialogues with different places, spaces and people fuel his creative process.

An update of wisdom

“Design, to me, I describe as an “update of wisdom,” an update by knowing.” Nagasaka is philosophical in his approach to the spaces and places he works with, that each different situation creates its own approach and way of working. “I need to create something new by visiting various places, seeing various values, and making various dialogues. That makes me change constantly.”

Watch below the full interview with architect Jo Nagasaka and actor and director Joe Odagiri, shot during our Beovision Harmony and Beosound Stage event at Tokyo’s Museum Of Contemporary Art.

Schemata Architects

During Nagasaka’s time studying architecture at university he began collaborating with friends of his who were musicians and dancers, wanting to create ways in which to complement their work. Nagasaka describes how that experience excited him and “triggered me to start designing. Then I started to work with my friends to design furniture and we named our team Schemata Architects.”

Isetan Tokyo installation

Bang & Olufsen at Isetan in Tokyo

In the time since, Nagasaka and Schemata have worked with numerous brands and organisations, both in Japan as well as internationally – indeed, a recent project were the window displays for Bang & Olufsen at Isetan in Tokyo.

For Nagasaka, across his many projects and approaches, a through line in his approach to creativity is change. “Challenges obviously can be a difficulty but I don’t care that much,” Nagasaka explains. “Rather, my fundamental concern is how to provide my clients with an inspirational experience which also excites me, through the space I design.”

  • Joe Nagasaka Tokyo event
  • Beovison Harmony Tokyo event
  • Beosound Stage Tokyo Event
  • Beosound 1 Tokyo event

“We can change ourselves through dialogues with significant people”

“We can change ourselves through dialogues with significant people,” Nagasaka continues, bringing the entire process – the thinking and feeling that goes into his design – back to relationships and the discussions that go on between us and the spaces we inhabit, the world that we live in.

  • Actor and director Joe Odagiri at our Beovision Harmony and Beosound Stage event at Tokyo’s Museum Of Contemporary Art.

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