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Beoplay E8 Sport

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Beoplay E8 Sport  Powerful Bluetooth sports earphones

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Wireless earphones designed for sport. Expertly crafted for powerful music performance in any weather. Waterproof, secure-fitting, and long-lasting battery life.

Music gets you there

Nothing moves you like music. The more intensely you experience your songs, the more motivated you feel. Bang & Olufsen's team of world-leading audio engineers have worked to ensure Beoplay E8 Sport delivers high-performance audio that helps you go further.


Built for any weather

Producing waterproof wireless earphones that are durable and lightweight while retaining powerful sound is a balancing act of the highest order. Our designers and engineers strike that balance with the Beoplay E8 Sport earphones, bringing you powerful Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound through the most demanding weather conditions.


Battery to match your goals

Beoplay E8 Sport delivers industry-leading battery life to boost your workout. A single charge provides up to seven hours of continuous playtime, or up to 30 hours with the charging case.


Designed for sport

For the road, the gym, or the trails. No matter your sport or where you exercise, E8 Sport earphones are designed to fit securely. Lightweight, durable and with a customisable fit, the E8 Sport’s ergonomically shaped earbuds come with a variety of silicone ear tips and soft fins, guaranteeing a snug and comfortable fit.

"Bang & Olufsen's E8 Sport true wireless 'buds set themselves apart from the usual crowd by looking and feeling ultra-premium. These in-ears also just happen to be waterproof, practical and durable too. It's a great combination, plus the sound profile and fit is superb."
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Waterproof and sweat-resistant

Use Beoplay E8 Sport in all weather conditions without compromising your sound experience. Built using superior materials, Beoplay E8 Sport wireless earphones are IP57 certified sweat-resistant and completely waterproof down to one meter for 30 minutes. And they're easy to clean after your workout.

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Seamless wireless performance

Experience superior sound, flawless connections, and crystal clear call clarity with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 and Qualcomm aptX™ technologies. And with the earbud’s innovative touch interface, you can keep your phone in your pocket and your eyes on your goal.

Important things to know about Beoplay E8 Sport

How do I clean my earphones? 

When you're exercising or playing sports, your earphones might get a little sweaty or come into contact with dirt, dust, rain and more. Beoplay E8 Sport earphones are waterproof, so you can safely clean them by briefly rinsing them under running water after your workout.  

How do I make sure my earphones fit securely (while I’m exercising)?  

Make sure your earphones aren’t going to fall out even during vigorous exercise by choosing the right earfins and tips. Beoplay E8 Sport come with four sizes of ear tips plus three sizes of silicone earfins that securely hook inside your ears. Experiment to find the ones that adapt to your ear most closely. For a tight fit during workouts, give your earphones a firm press when you’re inserting them. 

What is the difference between Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 5.1?

With Bluetooth 5.1 you can expect faster connections that take up less of your device’s energy. Devices with Bluetooth 5.1 can select channels at random when connecting and don’t have to go through a strict order of channels. This reduces the odds of Bluetooth devices trying to ‘talk over’ and interfering with each other’s signals in busy spaces.

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Beoplay Charging Pad

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Upgrade to wireless charging with the Bang & Olufsen elegant charging pad.


Find the right earphones for you

Product Variant - Beoplay E8 - Sport - Black - hero - media
Beoplay E8 Sport$350
Beoplay E8 3rd Gen Gold - True Wireless in-ear earphones
Beoplay E8 3rd Gen$249

True wireless In-ear Fit for sport

True Wireless In ear

Customized Eargels

4 pairs of silicone tips (XS, S,M,L) 3 pairs of silicone earfins (S, M, L) Comply™ Foam tips (M size)

4 pairs of silicone tips (XS, S,M,L) Comply™ Foam tips (M size)

Dust and Waterproof Rating

IP57 (dust resistant and waterproof)

IP54 (dust and splash/sweat resistant)

Battery Life

Up to 30 hours with the charging case

Up to 35 hours with the charging case

Wireless Chargingavailableavailable

See what the experts are saying

"Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay E8 Sport offer the best sound in workout-friendly true wireless earbuds"
"Make no mistake, the E8 Sport are currently one of the best sounding gym and running true wireless earbuds on the market and a worthy investment for any health conscious, serious music fan."
"Sound is authentic, giving music recordings a lively presence with superbly balanced frequencies while bringing attention to subtle nuances you would likely miss on any other pair of wireless earbuds."
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