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Beosound A1 DUNE - Crafted Edition by Cecilie Manz

A spectrum in sound

An iconic B&O speaker, reimagined by its original designer in 100 entirely unique limited editions. Sign up below to get early access to this limited edition speaker.

Beosound A1 Dune crafted edition samples in the making

Creative, together

Bang & Olufsen products are always intended to stand out from the crowd. We do that by including the designer in the process as much as possible, never accepting second best in terms of their aesthetic vision or compromising when it comes to sound quality.

That’s why, while working with acclaimed Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz on this new, limited-edition version of her iconic Beosound A1 speaker, we decided to introduce a revolutionary new technique to the colouring process.

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  • Cecilie Manz in her studio

The feel of quality

‘In a subtle way, the design of this special edition tells you a lot: where it comes from, who made it… and simply that it is made to be used,’ says Cecilie. In other words, alongside the distinctive design language and understanding of materials, there is a strong sense of tactility to the product: as a portable speaker it is intended to be picked up and handled – and to feel reassuring in the hand.

‘The speaker is designed to be clear and uncomplicated,’ Cecilie continues. ‘Functionality and aesthetics are the main ingredients.’

A1 dipping in anodising bath

New techniques for a new classic

The unique gradient design conceived by Cecilie is created by hand, blending two colours through a unique anodizing process developed especially by our experts at Factory 5, Bang & Olufsen’s purpose-built studio. The colouring involves a unique, hand-operated application, treating the aluminium grill itself as a creative canvas. After extensive research and experimentation, our team of experts developed a perfect method of blending the colours by gradients.

‘The magic happens in the refinement of the material’

‘Aluminium is transformed into a precious metal when treated with dignity: the moment someone takes care in the making process, every material can be brought to life!

The A1 is rounded like a pebble because I was thinking about the scenario where you’d use it: it glides better into your bag and it feels nice to hold in your hand.

Cecilie Manz


Beosound a1 black hero

Beosound A1 2nd Gen

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