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The designers of Beosound A5

GamFratesi Studio

We visited the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi in their studio in Copenhagen to discuss the process, inspiration and work methods that has been used to create our new portable speaker Beosound A5.

Image of GamFratesi duo holding Beosound A5
  • Image of Beosound A5 in Nordic Weave
  • Image of Behind the scenes of Beosound A5

The relationship with Bang & Olufsen

Danish design has played an important role globally within the world of design and so has Bang & Olufsen, setting the highest standards of sound, craft and design. Our work is in keeping with the Scandinavian approach to craftsmanship, simplicity and functionalism, but we also create a strong emotional spirit and story into our concepts.

We were delighted to work with a company like Bang & Olufsen which has so much legacy and shares our values towards timeless design and craftsmanship. It is a brand where products are handed down by generations, I vividly remember my grandmother having a Bang & Olufsen turntable as a child which has been passed onto me and now plays in our home.

Behind the scenes of Beosound A5

Designing Beosound A5

Our inspiration for Beosound A5 came from many places including the iconic Beolit series as well as natural materials synonymous with the colours and textures found in Scandinavian nature. From the traditional Panama straw hats worn on beaches, to the hand-woven leather accents of Danish chairs from the 1960s, blends of natural materials applied in experimental ways guided our design journey.

Two different finishes We decided to create two different finishes that are both rooted in a Scandinavian aesthetic whilst each has a distinct design signature on their own – Nordic Weave and Dark Oak. Both finishes can sit beautifully inside a home or outside in nature.

Image of three Beosound A5 speakers in front of each other in the variants Dark Oak, Nordic Weave and Spaced Aluminium

Beosound A5

Select a colour

Nordic Weave

Beosound A5 in Nordic Weave incorporates Bang & Olufsen’s signature material of natural aluminium with a woven paper fibre front and light oak handle, creating a feeling of laid-back Scandinavian summers spent at the beach.


Influenced from early Beolit models

Soft organic curves and natural materials of Beosound A5 reference the curved edges, handles and wooden teak finishes from various early Beolit models.

A circular design approach

In addition to Beosound A5’s timeless appearance, the speaker has been modularly designed so that it can be easily serviced and repaired to extend its lifetime if needed instead of being replaced by a new speaker. Bang & Olufsen will continue to produce the easily exchangeable front covers in new materials and colourways so that Beosound A5 can evolve with your style and identity.

Thanks to Bang & Olufsen’s Mozart software platform, the longevity of Beosound A5 goes beyond physical craftsmanship and modular design. Mozart provides the most up-to-date features across audio, connectivity, and software design. It connects the heritage of the past, technology of the present, and innovation of the future for Bang & Olufsen products. Beosound A5 has the capacity and capability to evolve with new technologies, and unlock new listening experiences, for years to come.

Creating quality products that can age beautifully over time is extremely important to us. Products should not just be for temporary trends but treated as personal objects to be experienced and carried on into the future.


Danish Design Studio

Image of GamFratesi duo

GamFratesi Studio

Our studio in Copenhagen was founded in 2006. As a studio, we design with a fusion of tradition and renewal with an experimental approach to materials and techniques. We are two very different individuals but act in unity. It is a rather symbiotic process, where we are both so involved that it is often impossible to distinguish who started and finished what.

A fusion of two design cultures

Our studio is an honest fusion of two cultures and our work process leads to a hybrid and interesting result. Our Danish and Italian approaches spontaneously take shape between our two personalities and merge to create a unique synergy. We believe this is a unique element of our studio.

We have always looked to history with a respectful attitude. We admire the Scandinavian design masters of the past where their work consisted of quality craftsmanship and materials combined with functional and honest design. We are also inspired by the Italian masters for their intellectual approach to design.

Therefore, we draw from both the classic Danish furniture and craft tradition as well as the classic Italian conceptual approach. It is through this dichotomy in our work and daily life that we are constantly confronted with contrasts, and contrasts are often the centre of our inspiration.

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