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Beosound 1


Beosound 1 Flexible, immersive sound

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Place it anywhere. Pair it or play it solo. Portable wireless speaker with 360-degree sound designed for flexible music streaming.

Get 10% off the total price when you buy two wireless speakers or 15% when you buy three or more. The offers cannot be combined with other promotions.*


Beosound 1 speakers detail top


Listen your way

Beosound 1 plays along with all your preferred wireless technologies. With Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth it has you more than covered. Naturally, it also connects with all of our wireless speakers to fill your home with sound in a connected home speaker system.


The essence of control

The top of the speaker works as a minimalistic control panel. Simply tap to start your favourite radio station, turn the wheel to adjust the volume and swipe to change tracks.


Flawless from every angle

Designed in carefully crafted aluminium, Beosound 1 doesn’t look like any other wireless home speaker. The compact conical design and smooth reflective surfaces adapt seamlessly to your interiors making any place its perfect place.


Battery powered and ready to go

Take the music with you. With its built-in battery, Beosound 1 is a portable speaker that accompanies you from the kitchen to the living room, outside on the balcony or basically everywhere the party goes. A single charge delivers up to 12 hours of wireless playtime.


Patented acoustic technology

Music is social and thanks to our Acoustic Lens Technology you will experience an almost spherical sound that is surprisingly loud and nuanced. It doesn’t matter where you place the it, the speaker system still fills every corner of your room with warm, rich sounds.

  • Beosound1 Contrast Edition by Norm Architects
  • Beosound1 Contrast Edition by Norm Architects
  • Beosound 1 speakers detail front top
  • Beosound 1 speakers detail left bottom logo
  • Beosound 1 speakers detail front bottom logo
  • Beosound 1 speakers full front with cable
Beosound 1 speakers tech design

Included in the box

BeoSound 1 Cable

  • "What might have caught us off guard is just how impressive they sound. ... As a result, these might be some of the first 360-degree speakers that have truly impressed us when it comes to both looks and sound. ... The BeoSound 1 puts an emphasis on portability, with a built-in rechargeable battery that allows it to be carried around your home. Battery life is stated as up to 16 hours of playback time at “moderate” volume, or four hours when listening at louder volumes. That’s still fairly impressive considering it packs in two amplifiers — one 40-watt class D amplifier for the full-range driver, and another 20-watt class D amplifier for the woofer. ... Both speakers bring the 360-degree concept to the design of the speaker as well as the sound. Both models feature a conical design that looks similar to the base of a lamp, allowing them to blend in with the decor of a room rather than loudly declare exactly what they are."

    Kris Wouk

  • "The Beosound 1 & 2 are eye-catching, and seem designed to stand out rather than vanish into the furnishings. One nice touch, however, are the speakers' antennae, which form short black strips on the sides to maximize the signal strength."

    Henry St Leger

  • "B&O’s Acoustic Lens Technology works a treat in the BeoSound 1: the circumaural spread of sound is incredibly wide and evenly dispersed. There’s no sweet spot here – you’ll get the same sound no matter where you’re sitting or what direction you’re facing the conical speaker. In that alone the BeoSound 1 is a success: no other wireless speaker at this price has been able to deliver 360-degree sound quite so convincingly.Crank up the volume and you’ll be surprised by just how loud the BeoSound 1 can go, (almost deceptively so) thanks to low distortion levels. It’s a clean sound, with no jagged edges or lumbering lows to blight the smooth delivery."

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