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No matter the destination. Power your long-haul flights with the right pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Cut down on distracting background noise and sit back to enjoy your favourite soundtrack or a little peace and quiet on your trip.

How do I choose the best headphones for airplane travel?

Consider all these elements before deciding which is the perfect headphone for you and your travel habits:

Battery life. Ideally, when you’re setting off on a trip, you want to pack a pair of headphones with a long battery life. It’s no fun to run out of power halfway to your destination. And by the way, should you bring a power bank on your travel, remember to carry it in your hand luggage.

Flight adaptor. Some headphones will include a flight adaptor in the package, letting you plug your preferred headphones into the airplane’s entertainment system.

Comfort. Think about comfort, too. You may be wearing your headphones for a long flight so the higher the quality, the better. Over-ear headphones cup the ear rather than press on it, making them best for prolonged wear

Wired or wireless? Some airlines will not allow you to use Bluetooth when in flight. Consider wireless headphones with an optional cable connection so you’re covered either way.

Noise cancellation

Headphones with active noise cancellation can reduce noise from your surroundings, so you can enjoy your music or the inflight entertainment on offer without distraction. Learn more about the noise cancelling technlogy...


Can I use wireless headphones in airplanes?

You can use wireless headphones on most planes, but the rules can change depending on which airline you’re flying with and where you’re flying to. There are different restrictions in place when you’re flying to London than there are on a trip to Tokyo.
Some airlines will allow Bluetooth to be used throughout the journey, others will ask you to switch off for taxiing and take off and others may ask you to switch all devices onto Flight or Airplane Mode. If your wireless headphones can also be wired, pack your mini jack cable to keep your options open.

Can I charge wireless headphones on an airplane?

Charging your headphones while in the air can be tricky, as you’re unlikely to find a power point at your seat. Many airlines will allow you to take devices with external power packs on the plane with you as long as you keep them in your hand luggage. Not all will, however, so it’s best to check with your airline and to charge up your headphones before you fly. Choose models with a long battery life the next time you’re taking a long haul flight to New York.

Enjoy comfort, silence or your own personal soundscape with Active Noise Cancellation headphones from Bang & Olufsen - perfect for airplanes.