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Beolab 17  Wireless harmony

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Wireless and ingeniously designed speaker with a forceful sound performance that punches way beyond its actual size.

This product is no longer a part of our active product portfolio. See our current selection of speakers.

Sound is our obsession

Everything that bears the Bang & Olufsen name has been tuned to perfection, bringing you right into the sound.

At Bang & Olufsen we have been sharing an obsessive passion for sound for almost 100 years: it has been a vital mission of ours to constantly test, measure and perfect the techniques used to reproduce sound.

Our speakers and sound systems are sublime technical instruments, delicately tuned by hand and ear to bring you right into the music, revealing all of its beautiful details and passionately demonstrating its ability to move you, physically and emotionally. The acoustical, electrical and mechanical engineers work closely together to ensure that every product is perfect.

Beolab 17 speakers three in living room

The little big wonder

Beolab 17 lets you enjoy wireless music in unsurpassed detail. With Adaptive Bass lineariation, the speaker automatically optimises its bass performance to the way you play your music. Room adaptation ensures harmonious sound no matter where you place your speakers.

A geometric work of art

The Beolab 17 speaker is designed with an innovative triangular body that opens a myriad of placements options. There is no dedicated top, bottom or sides on the cabinet. It all depends on the way you decide to use it.

Clear sound in all the right places

Hang it on your wall, place it on a shelf or choose between two different floor stands. The versatile placement options bring exciting new ways to living with beautiful music, regardless if you need a classic set of stereo speakers or speakers for your home theatre.

A crafted frame for your music

This compact high-end speaker is made from a single piece of beautifully crafted aluminium. Unlike most other speakers, the fabric speaker cover is placed inside the aluminium body, which creates a circular frame for the colour of your choice.

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Adaptive Bass Linearization

Continuously adapts the bass response to the input signal, resulting in a significantly improved bass performance, without the risk of damaging the driver.

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Beolab 17 speaker by Bang & Olufsen
Beolab 17 
Beolab 18 in Light Oak
Beolab 18From $9,000
Beolab 19 Grey gallery 4
Beolab 19From $4,500
In essence

An ingeniously designed speaker with a forceful sound performance that punches way beyond its actual size.

An iconic pillar of luxury sound crafted from carefully selected materials.

Subwoofer bringing powerful bass and a unique sculptural design to your living room.

Advanced Sound Features

Adaptive Bass Linearization Acoustic Placement Settings Thermal Protection

Acoustic Lens Technology Adaptive Bass Linearization Acoustic Placement Settings Thermal Protection

Acoustic Placement Settings Thermal Protection Adaptive Bass Linearization Acoustic Balance Principle

Bass Capability

90 dB SPL

83 dB SPL

98 dB SPL


25 W x 72 H x 24,8 D cm

20 W x 132,4 H x 20 D cm

34,8 W x 33,4 H x 29,3 D cm

Reviews from the experts

With a 6in mid-range driver and 3/4in dome tweeter, each powered by its own 160 watt class D amplifier, the Beolab 17 is incredibly powerful for its size, plus it looks every bit as stylish as we've come to expect from B&O. [..] Designed in partnership with David Lewis design director Torsten Valeur, each Beolab 17 is made from a polished sheet of unbroken aluminium, which has been painted and grinded to give it the appearance of raw metal.
Tom Morgan
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