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A Bang & Olufsen icon reimaginedArt of the A9

An extremely limited series of works by some of the world’s most exciting artists, using our iconic speaker as their canvas.

Art of the A9  A canvas for your music

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of our most iconic designs, the Beosound A9, we have invited some of the world’s most exciting visual artists to contribute to a unique project. The Art of the A9 sees the distinctive circular canvas reinterpreted via a series of highly limited edition artworks, available in small batches local to each of the specially commissioned artists involved.

BeoplayA9 Covers - "Art of A9" - Erdem - Hero

Erdem Akan

Erdem Akan is an award-winning designer, art director, curator and lecturer who was born and works in Istanbul. Rather than producing work in one particular style, he is driven by ideas and creativity. He enjoys playing with clichés, blending disciplines and cultures, and is inspired by the provocation this often creates. His design philosophy is based on tension between opposites: modern ideas and traditional practices; the fabricated and the handmade; natural versus artificial; new versus old; but especially between eastern culture and western culture. For him, design can either amplify this tension further, or it can provide a welcome balance to it.

BeoplayA9 Covers - "Art of A9" - Deniz

Deniz Salaçin Erciyas

Deniz Salaçin Erciyas is an Istanbul-based illustrator who often works with everyday objects, transforming them through her bright and playful designs. She began by personalizing objects for friends and loved ones, inspired by the urge ‘to create something different in this world where everyone and everything is alike, to enable people to find their own unique colours and originality, to remind them that they are unique; to create designs with soul’. She is inspired by ‘simplicity, colours, shapes, patterns in nature and the abstract expression of what nature feels like for me’. Rather than sticking to a predetermined plan, she embraces spontaneity in her work.

Getting lost in colours, finding new meanings among shapes, thinking about what people will feel when they see this design, and actually inviting everyone to the freedom that I feel in this world is like being in another universe.’

Deniz Salaçin Erciyas

Illustrator and Artist

Art of A9 cover on Beosound A9

As good as it sounds

The A9 doesn’t look like any other speaker. That’s the point. We understand that the days of hiding your stereo are over. We designed Beosound A9 like a beautiful piece of furniture — with carefully selected materials and uncompromising attention to detail. The result is an iconic piece of music design you can put on display anywhere. And we mean anywhere. Our built-in room adaptation technology adjusts the sound perfectly to its surroundings, so you can enjoy our Signature Sound wherever you position your A9, delivered via a powerful 1500-watt digital amplifier system.

BeoplayA9 Covers - "Art of A9" - Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is a French graphic artist living and working in Paris. Originally from Nantes, he graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2008 and the Royal College of Art in 2010. Jullien’s creative output ranges from illustration, photography and video to costumes, installations, books, posters, clothing — even skateboards. He has shown work in museums and galleries around the world, and his illustrations have appeared in the New York Times, the New Yorker, National Geographic and more. His first retrospective monograph was published by Phaidon Press in 2022.


A multi-disciplinary artist
Manon Cezaro

For her Art of the A9 design, Cezaro developed a new technique. ‘I used 3D shapes that I created in plaster – and then scanned them to create new images. So although the composition is digital, I had created the forms with my hands first. It is the first time I have made a composition like this, starting with a physical object. It is the beginning of a new way of working for me.’ Her design for the A9 has been created to work in conjunction with that of Alexis Jamet. ‘It’s a continuity of what we do usually, our styles often coincide even when we don’t work together on the same image.’


Graphic designer and artist from Paris
Alexis Jamet

Alexis Jamet utilizes a diverse range of styles, combining craft techniques and digital technologies to produce work that can include anything from brand identities to animated short films. He often uses the shapes he observes in nature as the source material for his abstract digital forms. Jamet often uses digital airbrush tools, blurring the sharp lines of nature to produce more interesting effects whilst exploring the boundary between the figurative and the abstract. ‘It provides more space for imagination and interpretation,’ he explains.

Beosound A9 in Gold Tone

Beosound A9

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