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Image of Beoplay A9

A Bang & Olufsen icon reimaginedArt of the A9

An extremely limited series of works by some of the world’s most exciting artists, using our iconic speaker as their canvas.

Art of the A9  A canvas for your music

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of our most iconic designs, the Beoplay A9, we have invited some of the world’s most exciting visual artists to contribute to a unique project. The Art of the A9 sees the distinctive circular canvas reinterpreted via a series of highly limited edition artworks, available in small batches local to each of the specially commissioned artists involved.

Beoplay A9 Covers  "Art of A9" Ferrari hero

Bringing the rhythm of jazz to the canvas

To celebrate the anniversary of Beoplay A9, Bang & Olufsen collaborated with vinyl lifestyle brand 12on12 to create a series of covers featuring a work by contemporary fine artist Ferrari Sheppard.

Legendary Grammy Award winning producer Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean, a strategic stakeholder in 12on12 and loyal Bang & Olufsen collector, selected the artist’s 2021 fine art portrait ‘My Name is Sarah’ to be featured on the limited edition A9 speakers.

For more information on the vinyl and hand-finished pieces, visit 12on12’s website.

Ferrari Sheppard Artist

Ferrari Sheppard

Blurring the lines between abstraction and figuration, Ferrari Sheppard creates mid to large-scale paintings delving deeply into the collective consciousness of humanity. The Los Angeles based artist was born in Chicago and has lived in various countries in Africa. His paintings are influenced by memories, dreams, and lived experience,: evoking a sense of nostalgia.

His interpretation for the “Art of A9”, features his fine art portrait ‘My Name Is Sarah’. The work is inspired by the song “Four Women” by Nina Simone and the painting technique embraces the mystery and improvisation of jazz music.

Photography by Maya Seas

 Beoplay A9 Covers  "Art of A9" Alia hero

Architect and interior designer
Miriam Alía

A Spanish architect and interior designer Miriam Alía mixes unique and irreverent pieces in her work, playing with geometry, surface textures and colour. She has created a unique and easily identifiable universe through her designs, which are defined by a unique mixture of 1950s styling, futurism, Miami Modern, pastel colours, sequins, mirrors, paper, glass and textiles. She was named among the ‘best 100 Creators’ by the influential AD magazine.

Seoul-based artist

Seoul-based GRAFFLEX is an artist, best known for his paintings, public artworks, sculptures, and art toys. He creates his own icons through various objects and situations around him He combines graphics and painting in his designs, developing his own style that draws on the influences and imagery of his childhood, exploring the impact of mass media on the modern world. His bold lines reveal the influence of cartoon and animation on his work, while he also draws from hip hop and street culture. Reinterpreting familiar objects, logos and characters in a distinctively upbeat, brightly-coloured fashion and working in mixed media in both 3D and 2D, GRAFFLEX describes his artwork in his own unique style.

  • Artist Grafflex in his studio
  • Product  Beoplay A9 Covers  "Art of A9" Grafflex hero
Beoplay A9 Covers  "Art of A9" Dumet hero

From fashion to art
Johanna Dumet

Living and working in Berlin, Johanna Dumet is a self-taught painter with a background in fashion design. Her use of bold colours coupled with an ironic sense of humour is underlined by a strong understanding of the traditions of painting.For the Bang & Olufsen Art of the A9 project, she was inspired by the nature of Denmark, especially flowers, lots of small and wild summer flowers that often die once picked up. This specific flower bouquet is called Forever for You because this one will never die. "It is my birthday present to Bang & Olufsen."

Beoplay A9 Covers  "Art of A9" Vanessa Teodoro hero

South African-Portuguese visual artist
Vanessa Teodoro

Vanessa Teodoro has an academic and professional background in graphic design and advertising, which informs her street-art inspired work. Based in Lisbon, she has worked exclusively in illustration and fine art since 2009, collaborating with international brands including Louis Vuitton and Jaguar.

  • Image of Vanessa Teodoro with Beoplay A9 cover
  • Image of Vanessa Teodoro
Image of A9

As good as it sounds

The A9 doesn’t look like any other speaker. That’s the point. We understand that the days of hiding your stereo are over. We designed Beoplay A9 like a beautiful piece of furniture — with carefully selected materials and uncompromising attention to detail. The result is an iconic piece of music design you can put on display anywhere. And we mean anywhere. Our built-in room adaptation technology adjusts the sound perfectly to its surroundings, so you can enjoy our Signature Sound wherever you position your A9, delivered via a powerful 1500-watt digital amplifier system.

The Artists

Beoplay A9 is like a piece of exclusive art for your home: so it made sense to open our vision up to some of our favourite artists, to reinterpret the A9 in their own inimitable style.

Mimik Banka band

Mimikbanka 表情银行

Chinese Indie Rock/Synth Pop band

Renowned as a band that is always exploring boundaries, MimikBanka creates music based on indie rock in combination with various styles including synth pop, dreampop and trip-hop. Their sound has an international appeal, echoing their line-up, who have roots in China and Germany. They are made up of bassist/producer Tong Tong, guitarist Robin and vocalist Sindy – who also created the cover of the band’s 4th EP Vitamin D, featured on their limited edition Art of the A9 collaboration, in which the band members float in the imagined universe full of music inspirations like astronauts, polishing the black stones roaming in space.

Peng Lei

Lei Peng 彭磊

Vocal and guitarist of Chinese rock band New Pants 、director、animator

As the lead vocal and guitarist of the groundbreaking rock band New Pants, Lei Peng is also a director, animator and illustrator, creating this artwork. Over the years, their sound has evolved from Punk、New-Wave to more Rock style. As well as a singer-songwriter, he is also a director, animator and illustrator. New Pants released their self-titled debut album in 1998. Music also endows Lei Peng with a unique visual perspective. For his limited edition cover for the A9, Lei Peng features original images of the characters Mimi and Gaga from his artwork Picked Up a Penny. The iconic appearance of Gaga has contemporary resonance, reminding people of their own lives.

Jam Hsiao

Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾

Musician, film and television actor

In the 14 years since his debut in 2008, Jam Hsiao released 7 original albums and has won the Best Male Mandarin Singer award at the 24th Golden Melody Awards for the album In the Name of Love. In 2011, Jam Hsiao won The Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer for his performance in The Killer Who Never Kills. Not limited to the dual developments of music and film careers, Jam Hsiao has been extending his fields to painting, continuously expanding his artistic realm. In 2020, he created his own distinctive and colorful painting Spread Love to express his inner love for the pursuit of life through “color” and “love”. Now the B&O limited edition A9 features Jam Hsiao’s original painting Spread Love to once again present his colorful and unrestrained inner world.


A multi-disciplinary artist
Manon Cezaro

For her Art of the A9 design, Cezaro developed a new technique. ‘I used 3D shapes that I created in plaster – and then scanned them to create new images. So although the composition is digital, I had created the forms with my hands first. It is the first time I have made a composition like this, starting with a physical object. It is the beginning of a new way of working for me.’ Her design for the A9 has been created to work in conjunction with that of Alexis Jamet. ‘It’s a continuity of what we do usually, our styles often coincide even when we don’t work together on the same image.’

  • Manon Cezaro in her studio
  • plaster model of the art image

Graphic designer and artist from Paris
Alexis Jamet

Alexis Jamet utilizes a diverse range of styles, combining craft techniques and digital technologies to produce work that can include anything from brand identities to animated short films. He often uses the shapes he observes in nature as the source material for his abstract digital forms. Jamet often uses digital airbrush tools, blurring the sharp lines of nature to produce more interesting effects whilst exploring the boundary between the figurative and the abstract. ‘It provides more space for imagination and interpretation,’ he explains.

  • Detail Jamet art of a9 cover
  • Alexis Jamet artist image
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