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Hear it shine

Beolab 8 launch and exhibition in Guangzhou

Bang & Olufsen proudly presents the “Hear it Shine” B&O Craftsmanship Exhibition and releases the new Beolab 8 speaker at the Shine Art Gallery in Guangzhou, China.

Image of Beolab 8 at the Launch event in China

The exhibition

The exhibition is called "Hear it Shine" and it unfolds in four chapters: “The Alchemy of Soundscape”, “The Art of Impossible”, “Where Sound Meets Space”, and “Shine and Bloom”. The B&O Craftsmanship Exhibition will be open to the public from November 25th to 26th, 2023, offering a unique opportunity to intimately experience B&O’s multiple iconic products, and immerse in the timeless design heritage and exceptional craftsmanship through multi-sensory interactive experiences.

"Materiality and form is an extension of content. Aluminium is manifest in iconic form that resonates between the kinetic art piece “Bloom” and the poetic Beolab 8 speaker.”

Ian Douglas-Jones

Founder of Atelier I-N-D-J.

Image of Lay Zhang with Beolab 8 in the back

Special Guest: Lay Zhang

We had the pleasure to invite B&O Global Brand Ambassador Lay Zhang to witness the debut of Beolab 8. The speaker emerges as the “Bloom” art installation slowly unfolds, which incorporates the essence of century-long craftsmanship and the Beolab high-end series. Its stunning aluminum body showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship achievements of B&O’s Factory 5 in Denmark.

Image of Beolab 8 and Beosound Theatre in a living room

Discover Beolab 8

Inheriting the heritage of B&O aluminium craftsmanship, Beolab 8 is designed to enhance the aesthetic of any room you have it in, and create an immersive home theatre experience.

Event images by Boris Shiu Video by , Director Erica

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