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Behind the scenes : Beovision Eclipse

A fusion of sound and images

BeoVision Eclipse is the first result of a new strategic technology partnership between LG Electronics and Bang & Olufsen.

Eclipse television standing in a living room with a blue couch and chopped wood

Collaboration with LG Electronics

“Bang & Olufsen is world-class in the areas of acoustics and design, and LG Electronics is the absolute best when it comes to TV, including OLED technology and operating systems,” says Stefan Persson, Head of Bang & Olufsen’s HOME division. “The partnership will help us stay at the absolute forefront of TV technology. By teaming up with LG Electronics, we are joining forces with the frontrunners within OLED technology. And, by combining LG Electronics’ cutting edge technology with Bang & Olufsen acoustics, design and system integration functionalities, we will be able to create products that surpass all others in the market,” says Stefan Persson.

Television with trees on the screen hanging from a beige wall in a living room

Beauty and Sound

BeoVision Eclipse is a beautiful and extremely well crafted TV that delivers an immaculate picture and sound experience. “When you turn on the Eclipse, you’re instantly drawn towards the vivid imagery on the screen, and the sound literally breaks out of the screen. It is almost like a storyteller that draws you into an emotional tale,” says Torsten Valeur, the man behind the design of BeoVision Eclipse. To him the goal was to make sound a visual component, without disturbing the balance between images and sound because they hold the same value.

Side view of Eclipse television standing in a wooden room

The sound experience matches the magic of the OLED screen, and the fusion of the two is both seamless and surprising. “OLED is a truly revolutionary technology, bringing to viewers today what was thought impossible just a few years ago – perfect black and infinite contrast,” says J. H. Hwang, Head of R&D at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “OLED is unrivaled in its ability to reproduce the most lifelike images of any TV, and to deliver an expanded colour palette.”

Front image of the television with wooden background

OLED differs from LED in that each pixel is self-lighting, and by eliminating the backlight structure, you are able to create razor-thin displays. Doing away with the backlight structure, and harnessing this fundamental advantage of OLED, gives TV designers more freedom to realize truly unique aesthetics.

“When you turn on the Eclipse, you’re instantly drawn towards the vivid imagery on the screen, and the sound literally breaks out of the screen. It is almost like a storyteller that draws you into an emotional tale”.

Torsten Valeur


OLED - Authentic content

The picture quality offered by OLED is jaw-dropping and lifelike in a way never seen before, providing a level of detail that is unmatched. As the content of the future continues to evolve, the demands on displays increase, and this solution is more than capable of handling the needs of today and tomorrow.

“Our surveys have shown us over and over that consumers who buy OLED TVs say that one of the most important reasons behind their purchase is a desire to see content as it was originally intended. This preference for highly accurate content is becoming more prominent among consumers,” says J. H. Hwang. Such is the reverence for OLED that many content creators have come out openly to praise the technology as a milestone in terms of home entertainment.

Eclipse presented the right opportunity for LG to collaborate with another leading company to co-develop an outstanding new media platform. We are proud of our technological legacy and equally proud to offer the best TV technology available on the market today to the company best positioned to deliver stylish aesthetic simplicity and immersive audio to benefit a new segment of consumers,” ends J. H. Hwang.

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